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Erodium 'Allan Robinson'
"From Allan Robinson, Wisley, U.K. Feather-shaped, very finely dissected dark green leaves; mid lilac-pink flowers with spreading cherry veins and a small white blotch with gray veins on the upper petals.
zone 8/9 Su. 10x15" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium 'Burnside Silver'
A seedling selection from John Anton Smith, selected and named by Allan Robinson. Leaves finely divided, silvery-gray; flowers pale lilac with very prominent purple blotches and veins on the upper petals, which are pointed.
zone 7 Sp.-Su. 8x15 $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium 'Carmel'
A seedling of E. Las 'Meninas.' Flowers are pale lilac and strongly veined in a darker lilac; there are no blotches on the petals; leaves resemble E. foetidum.
zone 7 Sp.-Su. 15x15" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium 'Catherine Bunuel'
Dusky pink flowers with violet blotches, and gray feathery leaves.
zone 7 Su.-Fa. 10x12" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium cheilanthifolium
(also known as E. petraeum ssp. crispum) Finely divided, gray-green, bipinnate leaves; off-white flowers with mauve veins and blotches.
zone 7 Su.-Fa. 6x12" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium chrysanthum
(Central, NW Greece and Albania) Gray-green and silvery, bipinnate leaves. Male plants have pale yellow flowers. All plants in the US appear to be males. AVAILABLE FALL 2016
zone 5 Sp.-Fa. 6x18" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium cossonii
(Morocco) Small, rounded, deeply lobed, mid green leaves on long stems; pale pink flowers with purple veins, brownish-pink blotches on upper petals. A compact plant.
zone 7-8 possibly lower Su.-Fa. 8x15" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium 'Couvé'
From the garden of Jean Poligne and named for the village where the garden is located. Finely dissected green leaves. Flowers white with violet veins on the upper petal. Compact.
zone 8 Su. 6x8" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium 'Eileen Emmett'
From the U.K. Derived from E. foetidum; with fine green foliage; flowers pale pink with dark veins on upper petals.
zone ? Su. 8x10" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium foetidum
(France) Strongly scented, silvery-green, carrot-like green leaves; light pink flowers with small lilac blotches and purple veins.
zone 7 Su. 10x18" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium 'Fran's Delight'
A selection by John Anton Smith, U.K. Gray-green, feathery foliage; large flowers of bright mauve-pink with gray blotches on upper petals.
zone 7 Su. 10x18" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium glandulosum 'Roseum'
Form very similar to E. 'Merstham Pink' (see below) Fine, green, long, bipinnate leaves; lilac-pink flowers with slight veining.
zone 7 Su. 8x18" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium 'Julie Richie'
Finely divided green foliage; white flowers with pale veins. A sport of E. x kolbianum from Julie Richie.
zone 8 Su. 6x8" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium 'Katherine Joy'
Finely dissected green foliage. Pale pink flowers with prominent blotches and veins on upper petals.
zone 8 Su. 6x8" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium kolbianum 'Natasha'
Silvery leaves; off-white petals, prominent, deep rose-maroon blotches on upper petals. Has a tendency to throw occasional double flowers.
zone 7 Su. 4x6" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium 'Las Meninas'
(E. rodiei x E. glandulosum) From Jean-Pierre Jolivot, Les Jardins d'En Face, Pleurtuit, France. Feathery, mid green leaves; large, rose-colored flowers whose upper petals are dark and lightly blotched and whose lower petals are pale and heavily veined.
zone 7 Su. 4x10" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium 'Marie Poligné'
From Jean Poligné, Plouer sur Rance, France. A hybrid of E. glandulosum. Feathery green leaves, pink flowers with violet veins and blotches on the upper petals.
zone 7 Su. 8x15" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium 'Maryla'
Named for the widow of Peter Smith, a great collector of the Genus Erodium. Finely dissected green leaves, pink flowers with darker veins. Very floriferous.
zone 8 Su. 8x12" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium 'Merstham Pink'
Pungent from its ancestor E. foetidum; mid green, finely divided, bipinnate leaves; shell-pink flowers with rose veins. A mounding plant.
zone 7 Su. 8x18" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium 'Peter Verdon'
Light pink flowers that fade to white toward the center, with darker pink veins. The upper petals are dramatically stained with dark, inky blotches
zone 9-10 Sp.-Fa. 24-36" $6.00
Erodium petraeum
This plant comes from a variable and complex group. It has ferny, feathery leaves, and white flowers with dark basal blotches on the upper petals.
zone 8-10 8x16" $6.00
Erodium 'Pickering Pink'
(E. 'Merstham Pink' x E. 'Katherine Joy') Green, ferny foliage with a silvery cast and a slight odor; flowers are two-tone pink with purple blotches and veins.
zone 7 Su. 4x8" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium 'Robertino'
Feathery green leaves Small pale pink flowers with tiny dark blotches and prominent dark pink veins.
zone 8 Su. 8x15" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium 'Sarck'
Rounded dusky pink flowers; felty gray leaves; well-drained soil.
zone 7 Su.-Fa. 8x10" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium 'Spanish Eyes'
Finely dissected ferny green leaves. Flowers are large and light lavender, veins are magenta purple; the two upper petals have dark gray and plum central blotches.
zone 7 Su. 7x18" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium 'Stephanie'
A selection by John Ross, Scotland. Strong green, ferny foliage, white flowers with maroon and silver blotches. An excellent, useful erodium for containers and rock gardens.
zone 7 Su. 7x18" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium 'Tiny Kyni'
Small pink flowers with miniscule blotches on the two upper petals; leaves are gray and finely dissected and the plant is very compact and floriferous.
zone 7 Su.-Fa. 5x6" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium trichomanifolium
From Allan Robinson, U.K. (Probably a form of E. glandulosum) A well-behaved, compact, mounding plant. Small, finely divided, ferny, gray-green leaves; off-white flowers with dark blotches on upper petals.
zone 8 Su. 8x12" $6.00 Four-inch
Erodium 'Whitwell Superb'
Leaves finely dissected and a little silvery. Flowers are clear pink and unblotched.
zone 8 Su. 10x12" $6.00 Four-inch
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