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Geraniums Scramblers and Crawlers

Plants in this section have long trailing stems, and look most effective growing through shrubs, large perennials or over banks and walls. All will take some shade, particularly in the afternoon; South African geraniums are most sun tolerant and only need protection in the hottest summers. See also G. x riversleaianum 'Mavis Simpson' G. x riversleaianum 'Russell Prichard' and G. 'Rozanne' from Borders and Bedding.
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Geranium 'Ann Folkard'
(G. procurrens x G. psilostemon) Superb mounding and billowing plant. Chartreuse leaves, fading light green with age; purple-magenta flowers with black eye and veins.
zone 5 Su.-Fa. 18x48" $8.00
Geranium 'Anne Thomson'
(G. procurrens x G. psilostemon) Similar to G. 'Ann Folkard', but reputed to be more compact; flowers magenta with deep blue-purple veins and a black eye.
zone 5 Su.-Fa. 18x48" $8.00
Geranium 'Azzurro'
Flowers have a lavender outer ring and a white inner ring which is bisected by black veins. The anthers are also black. From Marco van Noort in The Netherlands. The flowers are similar to G. wallichianum and the plant is a sprawling mound.
zone 5 Summer 18" x 36" $8.00
Geranium christensenianum
(China) Sprawling plant with long flowering stems which root at the nodes; leaves have 3-5 lobes and young leaves have brown internodal blotches; flowers are white with purplish-red veins
zone unknown Su.-Fa. 8-15 x 36-48" $8.00
Geranium 'Crystal Lake'
A large spreading plant with long flowering stems. Flowers are palest lilac with deep purple eyelash veins and a purple center.
zone 5 Su. 15 x 24-30" $8.00
Geranium 'Dilys'
(G. sanguineum x G. procurrens) Similar to G. sanguineum in leaf form, makes a mound with long, spreading, flowering stems; flowers light magenta with red veins.
zone 4 Su.-Fa. 10-15 x 36-48" $8.00
Geranium 'Dragon Heart'
(From Alan Bremner) Dramatic 2" diameter magenta flowers with a dark eye, a large billowing plant with long trailing flowering stems.
zone 5 Sp-Su. 12 x 36-48" $10.00
Geranium harveyi
(S. Africa, mountainous areas Transkei and Cape) Leaves small, silky gray above, silver below, on a woody-stemmed, mounding plant; magenta flowers.
zone 9 Su. 12x36" $8.00
Geranium 'Havana Blues'
Yet another G. wallichianum derived selection. The new leaves are yellowish green turning green in mid season. The flowers are lavender with white blotches at the base of the petals which make a small ring. The rings are bisected by red veins and where they coalesce at the base they form small reddish pink blotches.
zone 5 Summer 12 x 15" $8.00 8.00
Geranium incanum
Finely divided mid-green leaves; strong magenta pink flowers.
zone 8 Su.-Fa. 15x24" $8.00
Geranium incanum 'Sinclaire'
Forms a large, billowing mound with finely divided mid-green leaves; large pale pink flowers. Named for Sinclaire McCredie Parer.
zone 8 Sp.-Fa. 12 x 24-30" $8.00
Geranium incanum 'Sugar Plum'
A form named by Monique Simone, Weidner's Nursery, Encinitas, CA. Green, very dissected leaves; ruby-colored flowers.
zone 8 Sp.-Fa. 14x24" $8.00
Geranium neglectum
(Victoria, Australia) Small, mid green, deeply divided leaves; large white flowers; sprawling habit, likes damp ground; roots along nodes.
zone 8 possibly lower Su. 12x60" $8.00
Geranium 'Pink Penny'
Possibly another hybrid of G. wallichianum. A sprawling mound of lavender pink flowers with dark veins.
zone 5 Summer through Fall 15 x 36-48" $8.00
Geranium 'Rosetta'
Discovered by Hans Kramer, Netherlands, 2001. G. wallichianum 'Syabru' x unknown parent. Its deep pink flowers have reddish veins and a pale center, and spoon shaped petals that are separated.
zone 5-9 Su.-Fa. 15 x 24-30" $8.00
Geranium shikokianum
(S. Japan, Korea) Deeply-cut, marbled leaves, rose-pink flowers with purple veins; weaves through low-growing shrubs and perennials. Forms v. montanum; v. tripartense and v. quelpartense are also available
zone 7 possibly lower Su. 15 x 24-36" $8.00
Geranium 'Shocking Blue'
More like 'Shocking Lavender' but a trailing, pretty plant. Flowers are lavender with small white centers.
zone 5 Su. 15 x 36-48" $8.00
Geranium 'Sweet Heidy'
A large trailing plant with tricolored flowers of lavender and pink with white centers. Possibly a form of G. wallichianum.
zone 5-6 Sp. 15 x 36-48" $8.00
Geranium thunbergii 'Jester's Jacket'
Leaves dashed and splashed with cream and dusky pink. Its pale pink flowers are smallish.
zone 4-9 Sp. 12x18" $8.00
Geranium wallichianum 'Buxton's Pink'
Broad-lobed mid-green leaves that are slightly fuzzy; lilac pink flowers with numerous dark purple veins and sooty anthers.
zone 5 Su.-Fa. 15-18 x 24" $8.00
Geranium wlassovianum
(Sib.) Spreading plant with mid green leaves that have pale veins; its new leaves have a maroon central blotch; flowers are reddish-purple with dark purple veins; good fall color.
zone 3-4 Fa. 12-18 x 36" $8.00
Geranium wlassovianum 'Fay Anna'
Foliage is a striking apricot orange, changing to a deep green with purple bars in the summer. Flowers are a light lilac pink with a white center.
Sum. 12-18x36" $8.00
Geranium wlassovianum 'Lakwijk Star'
Raised by and named after Jan van Lakwijk, and originally known as G. 'Lyona' until 2003. It has large purple flowers with dark veins, and grey-green leaves it inherited from G. wlassovianum. However, its new green leaves are prominently stained brown-purple.
Su.-Fa. 15x24-36" $8.00
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Plant of the Month

Geranium 'Orion'

Geranium 'Orion' has beautiful mid blue flowers. It is a tall clumping perennial, (USDA Zones 5 - 9), 24-30 x 36". It does well in full sun in mild summer gardens and morning sun/afternoon shade in hot summers. It can be combined with roses, iris, ornamental grasses and summer bulbs. It needs a horticultural corset when young, (twigs help support it until the clump size increases). See Page 166, The Plant Lovers Guide to Hardy Geraniums. (Photo by Donn Reiners)
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