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Pelargoniums Angel and Pansy-Face

Although the original pansy-face and angel pelargoniums date from the late 19th century and early to mid twentieth century respectively, many beautiful hybrids have been introduced over the last 15 years.

The following list includes plants from Europe, Great Britain, the U.S, Canada and Australia. We are particularly indebted to Jay Kapac, a pelargonium breeder from Southern California. He continues to produce exceptional plants in a range of unusual leaf shapes and flower colors. These include Pelargonium 'Arcturus, 'Bernice Ladroot', P. 'Maria Garcia' , 'Romona Camulos', P. 'Shannon', P. 'Shanti' and others. Culture in all cases is similar to the pansy-face and angels.

Plants grow to around 15-24" in height, flower from mid spring to fall in climates with cool nights, and are very well suited to pots and window boxes. Protection from hot summer sun in areas with high summer temperatures may be necessary. Note that the amount of light received by plants makes a big difference to plant size. Light bright conditions will make more compact and floriferous plants. Deadheading is necessary to prolong flowering, and light pruning may be done at the same time. But the shrubs basically remain compact under the right conditions. They need to be protected against temperatures in the 30's F., and below, and excessive winter rain when they are not in active growth.

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Picture Name Zone Season Size Price  
A. Robin's Greenhouse
Some of you might wonder where we grow the pelargoniums. They live in a 10,000 sq. ft. cold greenhouse close to San Francisco Bay. The climate is mild, although we get a small amount of cold damage if the temperatures fall much below freezing. Because the greenhouse is made of glass it can get very hot in the summer. Fortunately pelargoniums don't mind heat, although we need to water them more frequently.
Pelargonium 'After Dark'
A new hybrid angel pelargonium with small crinkled dark green leaves and vivid scarlet and red flowers with dark brown blotches on the upper petals and red and light brown blotches and veins on the lower petals. This would be attractive in a hanging basket.
Pelargonium 'Ainsdale Angel'
(Shellard, 1990, U.K.) Pale lavender-pink with bright pink veins on upper petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Albert'
(Kapac, 2004) Tiny, crinkled, green, occasionally cream variegated leaves; palest lilac-pink flowers, flushing darker with age, cherry veins.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Aldebaran'
(Kapac, 2004) Softly hairy light green leaves that are partially dissected, and have toothed margins; flowers apricot with dark red blotches on upper petals, small blotches and veins on lower petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Androcles'
(B. Dixon) Large, pale lilac flowers with deep red feathering on upper petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Angel's Smile'
(Jay Kapac) (Formerly P. 'Jay's Angel') Pink flowers of an unusual color with a hint of salmon. Deep pink feathering and blotching on the upper petals. Light center to flowers.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Angel's Star'
(Kapac) Pink flowers of an unusual color with a hint of salmon, edge of petals are deeply irregular.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Annsbrook Fruit Sundae'
(A. Popham) Dissected leaf with a citrus scent; flowers are large and light mauve with large rosy blotches and veins on the upper petals and small rosy blotches on the lower petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Antares'
(Kapac) Small orange red upper petals with purple veins and deep orange lower petals. Compact plant.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'April Showers'
Lilac upper petals with purple blotches; lower petals have small purple blotches
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Arcturus'
(Kapac) Small orange red upper petals with purple veins; lower petals pale orange; compact plant with small rich green leaves
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Aurelia'
(Kapac) Light pinky-lilac flowers with a darker blotch on the upper petals, small pale blotches on the lower petals. Flowers are small; plant is very floriferous and very compact.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Belaford'
(Also known as BELLEFORD) (U.K.) Seedling from P. ' Catford Belle'. Lavender-pink flowers, purple blotch on upper petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Bernice Ladroot'
(Kapac) Upright dense habit with small rounded flowers of an apricot peach, darker in the center, with dark veins and an apricot blotch on the upper petals. Named in memory of Bernice Ladroot, a long time member of the Board of I.G.S.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Betty Hulsman'
(Orig. in Netherlands, Gerris, 1978) Upright; white flowers with red and purple blotches on upper petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Billy Barnes'
dark pink upper petals, lower petals with light pink streaks
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Black Knight'
Miniature Regal (Australia) Cherry lower petals, fading to lavender-white. Upper petals plum, fading to feathered lavender-white with lavender edging.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Bosham'
(Pearce) Cherry and white flowers; blooms profusely.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Bouquet Center'
(Kapac) White flowers with rosy-wine blotches on upper petals; small, deeply dissected leaves like P. fruticosum. Good basket plant. Named for The Bouquet Shopping Center in Southern California.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Briarlyn Beauty'
(A. Henderson, 1991, U.K.) White, slightly frilled flowers, which age pale pink.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Briarlyn Moonglow'
(A. Henderson, 1991, U.K.) Pink-shaded and detailed petals with some purple feathering on upper petals, white centers. Smallish mid green leaves. Upright habit.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Captain Starlight'
(Ian Gillam, Vancouver, B.C.) Lightest-lavender lower petals, purple upper petals. Rounded, full flowers.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Caravan'
(Kapac, 1990's) Small, crinkled leaves. Large flowers with a very pale pink background, glowing magenta blotches fading dark maroon brown to the center and prominent veining.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Carlos'
(Kapac, 2004) Compact plant, shiny shallowly-lobed dark green leaves; flowers are pale pink with large cherry blotches and veins on upper petals; small blotches and veins on lower petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Carlton's Pansy'
(Milton Arndt, USA, 1960s. PANSY) flowers larger than average to 2". Lavender-white flowers with plum-colored blotches fading to raspberry at outer edges.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Catford Belle'
(Langley-Smith, Britain 1935) Sold in Northern California as P. 'Barbie.' Ruffled effect. Rose-purple upper petals marked cyclamen-purple with blotches covering half upper petal; mid pink lower petals. Petals are cupped.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Charmay Alf'
(K. Attfield) Lavender flowers with a large purple blotch and prominent feathering on the upper petals; a smaller blotch on the lower petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Charmay Aria'
(Attfield) Flowers are round in shape and velvety-purple, with a fine, white edge.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Charmay Electo'
(Attfield) Rounded flowers of a velvety purple, with a fine, pale lilac edge; similar to P. 'Sancho Panza,' but a different shade of purple.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Charmay Hilltop'
(Ken Attfield, Australian, late 1980s) Large and upright. Large light-lavender flower with blotching of dark lavender on upper petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Charmay Marjorie'
(Attfield) Flowers are lavender pink with deep purple upper blotches and small blotches on lower petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Cottenham Beauty'
(M. Haird, 1996) Large mauve flowers with a purple blotch on upper petals; lightly scented foliage.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Cottenham Pride'
(Haird) Raspberry upper petals, narrow pale pink lower petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Cransley Star'
(G.F. Moule, 1991) Upper petals rosy-purple with lighter edges; lower petals lilac with a small dot on each petal.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Daniella Marie'
(Burt Henderson, U.K., 1980's) White flowers with purple markings on upper petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Dark Nebula'
Very dark glowing red small flowered hybrid with small dark green leaves. From Jay Kapac. CROP FAILURE; AVAILABLE 2018
Pelargonium 'Dark Pansy'
(Kapac) Ruffled petals, dark reddish blotches and veins on all petals; pale petal margins
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Dark Wyne'
(Kapac) A fabulous compact plant; prostrate habit; glowing dark red flowers
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Darmsden'
(Ray Bidwell, 1983) Pale lavender with upper petals almost covered with a violet blotch. Leaves typical angel growth.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Debbie'
Pale lilac to almost white flowers; upper petals have irregular rose-purple blotches; lower petals have rosy-purple spots near petal edges. Petals are notched. Stiff upright growth.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Deerwood Angel Eyes'
(Faye Brawner, 1988) Flowers with white to palest pink petals. Upper petals have bright pink eyebrows. Ruffled edge on flowers.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Deerwood Don Quixote'
(Brawner, 1982) Upper petals wine-purple, lower petals rosy-lavender. Large flowers; long-blooming even in hot weather.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Deerwood New Day'
(Brawner, 1985) Flowers in a glowing wine color: red to purple with slight lavender edge. Darker stippling on petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Deerwood Spanish Angel'
(Brawner, 1989) Basket-type similar to P. ' Sancho Panza'. Lower petals purple-lavender with deep lavender veining. Upper petals deep maroon, veined purple-black.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Earliana'
(U.S., 1939, PANSY) An old variety very similar to P. ' Manx Maid'. Roundish leaves, very upright. Lavender flowers with wine markings.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Edwards Michael'
Very handsome flowers; upper petals rose-lavender with pale edges; lower petals are pale lavender-pink with a deeper wash; flowers have a small white eye. Tall upright growth; not particularly easy to grow.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Emily'
(Kapac) White lower petals, pale pink upper petals with dark cherry blotches and veins
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Erin'
(Kapac, 1997) Small star-shaped flowers in clusters opening in scarlet red, and fading to a soft cherry red as they age. Plants are very compact with deeply divided leaves.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Eskay Saar'
Beautiful large upper petals of cherry with purple veins on a white background. Lower petals thin, white and faintly veined.
zone 9B and above Sp.-Fall 12" x 8" $6.00
Pelargonium 'Eskay Verglo'
Deeply crinkled dark green leaves; flowers cherry red on upper petals and palest lavender on lower petals. Both upper and lower petals have an intricate patter of purple veins. Hybridized by Des Glover.
zone 9 and above Sp. - Fa. 12" x 15" $6.00
Pelargonium 'Fairy Orchid'
(Henderson, U.K.) White flowers with pink blotch on outer upper petals. Compact. Profuse flowering.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Fairy Queen'
(Craig Hanson, mid 1980's) Seedling from P. 'Mme. Layal.' Good flowers, upright, poor habit. Maroon and lavender flowers.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Fleur De Lis'
(Jim Minah) Flowers are shades of lavender; leaves are slightly-scented, with an odor of citrus.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Fringed Angel'
(Traute Hausler, Vancouver B.C., 1988 or '89) Seedling of P.'Catford Belle.' Similar to P. ' Catford Belle', but paler lavender. Large flowers of a triangular shape.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Fringed Jer'rey'
Sport of P. 'Jer'rey' from Marilyn Holt - Canada. Each petal has three points; flowers are deep reddish-purple with a pink margin; small lax growth.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Gabby'
(Kapac, 2004) An improved form of P. 'Gabriel.' Large, reddish-plum flowers with a pale edge. Leaves have a slight peppery scent. A good basket plant.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Gabriel'
(Kapac) Unusual flower color of reddish-plum; bottom petals have a pale pink edge; leaves are lightly scented. A good basket plant.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Gary's Nebula'
(Kapac) Unusual flowers of an apricot-peach color on a very compact , slow growing plant, with very small leaves.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Golden Angel'
(Sarah Don, USPP 13,813) Plant propagation prohibited. A sport of P. 'Tip Top Duet.' Deep green leaves with a strong yellow margin. Flowers are mauve with darker mauve-maroon blotches on upper petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Grace'
(Kapac) Pale pink flowers with a rose blotch on upper petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Hanson's Innocence'
(Hanson) P. tricuspidatum / Angel cross. Straggly; flowers have a white background with rose markings in upper petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Hemingstone'
(Bidwell) Large lavender flowers. Dark purple blotches on petals, and lavender veining.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Henry'
(Kapac, 2004) Small dark green leaves. Palest pink flowers with deep pink blotches.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Henry Weller'
(Ken Dymond) Deep velvet purple upper petals with a white throat and paler purple lower petals fading to light purple on edges
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Honeywood Lindy'
(Katy's Scenteds, Long Beach, CA) Flowers look very similar to P. Seeley's Pansy. Deep plum upper petals with blotches and feathering; light lavender lower petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Imperial Butterfly'
Large white flowers with maroon feathering on the upper petals. Large habit; lemon scented leaves.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Jer'rey'
(Kapac) Small, deeply dissected, deep green leaves. Deep purple petals with pale edgings. Beautiful plant in flower.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Josy's Angel'
deep pink lower petals with a dark pink edge; deep purple upper petals with a pale edge.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Julie'
(Wells, U.K.) Lavender with wine overlay. Weepy flower. Difficult to propagate. Contorted lower petals. Possibly a seedling from Rose Bengal.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Katie'
Probably a small flowered Regal. Warm mid pink flowers with lighter centers.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Kensington'
(Kapac) Deeply dissected leaves; pale lilac-pink flowers with maroon veins on upper petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Kettlebaston'
(Biddable 1983) Tall, upright growth. Deep lavender-pink lower petals. Top two petals deep plum with pale edges.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Lady Mary'
An old variety with palest pink flowers and raspberry blotches and veins on the rounded upper petals. Lower petals narrow and unblotched. It is sometimes labeled P. 'Strawberry'.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Lara Maid'
(Blacken, 1986) Upper petals white to pale lavender with large rose-plum blotches. Lower petals white to pale lavender.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Luis'
A very old, previously unnamed variety, from the now defunct Manhattan Beach Nursery, Manhattan Beach, CA. Named for Luis Arevalo, San Pablo, California. Pale lavender background with deep reddish blotches on the upper petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Lynn Valerie'
(Henderson, 1992) Slightly ruffled white flowers with a dark raspberry blotch on upper petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Madam Layal'
(France, 1870's, PANSY) The original Pansy, a small bushy plant; flowers with upper petals of dark violet-purple fading to rose and white; lower petals violet-rose on a white background.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Mairi'
(U.K.) Pinkish-lavender flowers with rose stamens. Slight rose feathering on the upper petals. Flowers often don't open properly. Petals do not fall after bloom.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Manx Maid'
(U.K.) Purple upper petals, light lavender lower petals with feathering. Large flowers and leaves.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Maria Bonita'
(Kapac) Large, bushy plant. Leathery dark green leaves; small rounded deep purplish pink flowers with some feathering on the petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Maria Garcia'
(Kapac) Compact plant with leaves that have a woodsy fragrance; flowers in clusters; red with a touch of orange with white throats and darker veining on the upper petals. Very floriferous. Named for Jay Kapak's loyal friend.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Michael'
(Kapac) All petals with a wide pale, almost white halo, a bright mid area and reddish, velvety bases, giving the flowers a very dark center. Additional petaloid stamens between the petals. Deeply cut tri-lobed leaves. Excellent container plant.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Michaela'
Large rangy plant; irregular shaped petals; petals with pale pink background, cherry streaks, blotches and veins
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Mickey'
(Kapac) A hanging basket plan with small oval tapered leaves with dentate margins. Flowers small deep pink with cherry blotches and veins; profuse flowering; trim to keep compact
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Milena'
(Kapac, 2004) Compact plant. Softly hairy, light green leaves that are partially dissected, leaf edges are toothed. Glowing orange with purple veins, lower petals are slightly lighter in color.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Monkwood Rose'
(Oakley) Small leathery leaves. Flowers light lilac-pink with cherry blotches and purple veins on upper petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Moon Maiden'
(Gillam, 1984) Very pretty, white flowers which are large for an Angel. Small lavender blotches.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Mrs. Dumbrill'
(Langley-Smith, 1940) Medium size plants with simple flowers of lavender with purplish blotches and veins on the upper petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Mrs. G .H. Smith'
(Langley-Smith, 1940) Flowers white with pale pink blush and deep rose markings to upper petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Nedging Tye'
(Bidwell) Maroon top petals, rosy-purple lower petals with lighter edges.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Needham Market'
(Bidwell, 1983) Larger than average flowers. White-tinged, luminous pink background to petals which are heavily feathered in plum on upper petals. Outstanding early bloomer.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Neil Clemenson'
Lavender pink flowers with dark veins.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'New Orchard'
(Kapac) A basket plant; purple upper petals and light pink lower petals; must be fertilized; has a tendency to yellow leaves; trim to keep compact
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Newcat'
(Bidwell) Weak, prostrate growth, bare centers. Flowers, 2-tone pale lavender ground, marked purple on upper petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Nikki'
Upper petals deep purple with darker blotches; lower petals pale lilac.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Old Orchard'
(Kapac) Upper petals deep purple; lower petals lavender; veining on all petals; large plant; upright growth.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Oldbury Duet'
Handsome variegated green and white foliage. Flowers similar to P. 'Tip Top Duet.' Upper petals mauve with an overlay of maroon; lower petals mauve.
$8.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Orange Angel'
A new selection from Jay Kapac. The flowers are glowing apricot with red blotches and paler lower petals. It has the same small leaves as 'Erin' but the flowers are larger.
zone 9 outside all year in mild climates 12 x 24" $6.00
Pelargonium 'Pampered Lady'
(L. Hodgkiss) Small crinkled dark green leaves. The flowers have ruffled deep purple upper petals and pale cherry lower petals with a fine white edge.
Pelargonium 'Quantock Kendy'
(Ken Dymond, 1999) Wine red top petals with a picotee edge; white lower petals with raspberry flecks.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Quantock Marjorie'
(Dymond) Upper petals are frilled and burgundy; lower petals are white with a pink flush.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Quantock May'
(Dymond, 1999) Frilly pink flower; lower petals white flushed pink.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Quantock Medoc'
(Dymond, 2001) Top petals dark maroon with a slight white edge; pale pink lower petals
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Quantock Millenium'
(Dymond, 2000) Upper petals velvety-red; lower petals white with a very pale pink flush.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Quantock Rita'
(Dymond) Cherry and red upper petals with a narrow pink edge, pale lavender lower petals with faint pink blotches.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Quantock Shirley'
(Dymond) Red upper petals wit rose-colored lower petals
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Quantock Star'
(Dymond, 1999) Upper petals pale pink with large maroon blotch, lower petals pale pink also with a maroon blotch
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Ralph'
(Kapac, 2004) Very small dark green crinkled leaves; pale pink flowers
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Ramona Camulos'
(Kapac) An exceptional basket plant. Flowers with upper petals of mid lavender pink, lower petals white. Long trailing habit .
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Raspberry Ripple'
(Henderson) Good bloomer. Lavender-white lower petals; upper petals heavily washed with plum.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Reije Van Der Lee'
(Gerris, 1978, Holland) Whitish-pink flowers, top petals are feathered in deep pink.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Rita Scheen Improved'
(Brawner) This variegated leaf selection is a sport which from P. Rita Scheen in Fay Brawner's greenhouse. Upright. Small light green leaves with cream variegated edges. Less virused-looking than the original P. 'Rita Scheen', and a better grower. Pale lavender to deep raspberry feathering and blotches on a mauve flower.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Roller's Echo'
(Carol Roller, 1982). Strong upright growth to 24". Prolific bloomer. Pinkish-orchid flowers with upper petals heavily feathered with maroon.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Roller's Gabrielle'
(Roller, 1983) Pale lavender flowers; small, deep plum blotches on upper petals. Tall, upright. (Random seedling from P. 'Orange')
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Roller's Illusion'
(Roller, prior to 1998) Pale pink petals with large burgundy area and prominent veining on upper petals. Small bright spot on lower petals. Small leaves.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Roller's Shadow'
(Roller, 1982) Flowers are white with small violet veins and feathering in the upper petals. Very showy in full flower.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Roller's Sigma'
(Roller) Appears to have P. tricuspidatum lineage. Flowers light pink.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Rose Bengal'
(Langley-Smith, 1940) Rose-colored flowers with pink lower petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Ruby Orchid'
(Henderson, 1991) Light pink flowers with dark blotches on upper petals; strong grower.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Ruffles'
Upper petals rose-purple with lighter edges; lower petals pale lilac with purple blotches; petal edges are ruffled.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Sancho Panza'
(Telston Nurseries, U.K.) Large, wavy petals in deep plum with lavender edging, drooping branches to 18". Roundish flowers, wonderful for hanging baskets. Early bloomer.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Saratoga'
flowers with a bright pink background; upper petals central purple blotch and veins and a dark pink purple edge
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Seely's Pansy'
(Seeley, USA, 1959, PANSY) Very similar to P. 'Carlton's Pansy'. Light lavender lower petals; deep plum on upper petals with deeper plum blotches and feathering. Rangy.
To 15" $6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Shannon'
(Kapac) Medium-sized, very unusual opal-salmon pink flowers with darker veining on upper petals, narrow lower petals. Silver-green, deeply cut, tri-lobed leaves. Extended bloom period. Nice basket plant.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Shanti'
(Kapac, 2005) Cherry upper petals with purple veins and a light lavender line around the edges of the petals; pale lavender flushed lower petals; compact; dark green crisped leaves.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Shirley Ash'
(Langley-Smith) Flowers have a light mauve background with purple blotches. The plant currently in circulation looks very similar to P. 'Rose Bengal'.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Simple Sister'
(Kapac) Lavender-white background with raspberry pink blotches on all petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Solferino'
(Langley-Smith) Pale purple flowers with cyclamen- purple marks on upper petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Sound Appeal'
(Sulman) Flowers with pink petals and deep reddish purple blotches.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Southern Belle'
(Lack) Pale lilac flowers with maroon blotches on upper petals; compact habit.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Spring Park'
(Langley-Smith, 1930's) White flowers with small raspberry blotches on upper petals; small, crinkled leaves. Growth to 12".
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Starlight Magic'
(J. Poet) Seedling from P. 'Captain Starlight'; Reddish-maroon upper petals with a pale edge; pale pink lower petals with veins.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Swedish Angel'
(U.K., mid 1980's) Flowers have burgundy upper petals; bands of burgundy on light pink lower petals. Rounded, ruffled flowers.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Swilland'
This selection appears to be a mutation of the original P. 'Swilland,' which is, as far as is known, lost to cultivation. Large, frilled flowers. All petals blotched dark-plum fading to raspberry with rose edges. Upright to 18".
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'The Barle'
(H. Selley, 1993) All flower petals are notched and frilled; medium lilac upper petals; lower petals pale lilac; flower color darkens with age.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'The Bray'
(Selley) Lilac-white flowers with maroon blotches on the upper petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'The Culm'
(Selley, 1994) Top petals velvety purple with a light edge; lower petals medium lavender with dark veins into the throat; very compact plant.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'The Dart'
(Selley, 1994) Pale pink upper petals with maroon blotches; light pink to white lower petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'The Kenn Lad'
(Selley) Upper petals white with maroon blotches; lower petals white with pink feathering.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'The Lowman'
(Selley, 1996) Reddish purple upper petals; lower petals pale lilac pink; medium sized plant.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'The Lynn'
(Selley, 1993) Small rounded flowers; upper petals deep violet pink, becoming paler at their base; lower petals are pale lavender; flowers have purple veining.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'The Mole'
(Selley, 1994) Top petals deep reddish purple becoming light lavender at the base; bottom petals are light lavender with deeper veins; leaves slightly scented.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'The Oakment'
(Selley, 1996) Medium sized plants with lilac-purple flowers; upper petals with lighter edges; lower petals are paler lilac-purple with purple veins, and a frilly edge.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'The Tamar'
(Selley) Rounded flowers of lilac pink; top petals blotched with maroon.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Tinkerbell'
(Hansen) White flowers with magenta veining on upper petals.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Tip Top Duet'
(Taylor, 1981) From P. 'Madam Layal' and an unnamed seedling. Compact plant with mid green foliage and many flowers. Lower petals mauve with two upper petals of mauve with overlay of maroon. Very floriferous over a long period.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Valenza'
Upper petals rosy purple with a narrow lavender edge; lower petals rose-lavender with purple veins and a white throat.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Velvet Duet'
(Taylor, 1982) Parents P. ' Tip Top Duet ' and P. ' Wayward Angel'. Flowers very dark maroon-plum with bottom petals a lighter shade. Mid green foliage on a fairly compact and short grower.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Verdale'
(Kapac) Small, deep plum red flowers; upper petals are slightly darker; white edge to all of the petals. Leaves are deeply dissected.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Veronica Contreras'
(Kapac) Pale lilac flowers with large rosy-plum blotches on upper petals; smaller blotches on lower petals with purple feathering. Stunning container plant when in full flower.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Wattisham'
Mauve flowers with a dark blotch and veining on somewhat larger upper petals. Large mid green leaves.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Wayward Angel'
(Taylor, 1977) Parents P. ' Mrs. G. H. Smith' and P. 'Mrs. Dumbrill'. Medium-sized flowers of medium mauve shade with purple markings on two upper petals. Foliage mid green and slightly scented.
$6.00 Four-inch
Pelargonium 'Wychwood'
(Diana Hull, 1970's) Lavender-white lower petals; dark-plum upper petals. Rangy, sprawling to 15". Pinch frequently to keep compact. Red stems.
$6.00 Four-inch
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Geranium 'Orion'

Geranium 'Orion' has beautiful mid blue flowers. It is a tall clumping perennial, (USDA Zones 5 - 9), 24-30 x 36". It does well in full sun in mild summer gardens and morning sun/afternoon shade in hot summers. It can be combined with roses, iris, ornamental grasses and summer bulbs. It needs a horticultural corset when young, (twigs help support it until the clump size increases). See Page 166, The Plant Lovers Guide to Hardy Geraniums. (Photo by Donn Reiners)
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