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We are thoroughly alarmed at the disappearance of many old and beautiful selections of Regals/Martha Washington Pelargoniums from nurseries on the West Coast. Fortunately The International Regal Preservation Project in San Diego, CA is working to save representative samples of as many Regals as they can find. Please contact them if you have Regals you want identified (try sending photos first, then plants if required).

The parentage of Regals (Pelargonium x domesticum) is rather murky but most plants have coarse sawtooth edged dark green leaves, although there are a few variegated leafed plants. As you probably know, Regals can grow as big as a bus, particularly in California. But you donít have to be dominated by your plant. Judicious pruning can turn a monster into a well behaved and beautiful container plant. The flowers are large and dramatic and come in many colors with the exception of yellow and blue and are decorated with blotches, stripes and veins in contrasting colors. Plants usually stop flowering when the nighttime temperatures rise, but flowering can be greatly extended by pruning and fertilizing.

Where possible we have used The Pelargonium International Register and Checklist of Pelargonium Cultivars, published by the British and European Geranium Society, 2008 as a standardized guide to the names and color descriptions of the flowers. No source is listed where the provenance is unknown. Finding correct labels for these plants produces exquisite frustration. Comunicate with The Regal Preservation Project or Geraniaceae if your similar plant has a different name.

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Pelargonium 'Ace High'
From Fred Bodey, Australia, 1971. "Dark maroon shading to cerise", palest pink wide edge to the petals. Very prominent veining.
Pelargonium 'Adriana'
This plant came to us with the name 'Adriana', but we can't find anything about it in the literature. That should not deter you from adding it to your collection. It is unbelievably floriferous and early flowering with cerise flowers with large reddish and brown blotches on the upper petals and smaller blotches on the lower petals. The veins are black.
Pelargonium 'African Queen'
Deep red flowers with dark reddish brown blotches on the upper petals.
Pelargonium 'Anatasia'
Listed in Young's Mesa Nursery Catalog, Arroyo Grande, USA, 1989. Note the unusual spelling. Pale salmon pink, with bright orange and brown blotches on the upper petals. Flowers occasionally all pale salmon with no blotches.
Pelargonium 'Anchors Aweigh'
A Regal x tricuspidatum cross made and named by Jim Sefton A very vigorous and upright plant with leathery small green leaves. Flowers are white and prominently vieined in dark cherry with strawberry colored blotches.
Pelargonium 'Apricot Beauty'
Pale salmon pink flowers with small brilliant orange blotches on the upper petals and purple veins. Petals are elongated and spoon shaped.
Pelargonium 'Aztec'
R. Schmidt USA 1962 "Blush white, long elongated blotches velvet brown flushed strawberry on all petals. Profuse. Low and compact."
Pelargonium 'Beau Geste'
Bodey, Australia, 1965. "Light lavender background', heavily blotched light plum facing to red, red veining, all petals. Large, ruffled. Bushy"
Pelargonium 'Bella'
Light lavender flowers with raspberry blotches and veins on the upper petals.
Pelargonium 'Betty Jean'
From Young's Mesa Nursery Catalog, USA, 1981. "Upper petals light rose, lower petals white." There are faint pink blotches on the lower petals, and dark red veining on the upper petals.
Pelargonium 'Black Velvet'
Brown, USA, 1946. "Large velvety-black upper petals edged Tyrian purple, lower Petals Tyrian Purple with dark blotches. Bushy and compact." Who knows if this is the right plant!
Pelargonium 'Blackcurrant Sundae'
Clusters of flowers with a white background, strong raspberry blotches and veins filling most of the upper petals; white lower petals overlaid with very faint raspberry blotches and veins. Vernon Nursery, UK, 1990
Pelargonium Bliq (formerly B11Q)
Came to us from the Regal Preservation Project. The plant is charming and has deep red upper petals with dark brown veins and blotches. The lower petals are white with strawberry blotches. Cynthia Pardoe tells us that it comes from Sicily and she saw in in the botanic garden in Palermo. It is an old and rare variety.
Pelargonium 'Blue Moon'
Slightly ruffled flowers; strong lavender pink, with black veins and a brown blotch with some white and red on the upper petals. Probably not the same plant as that described in Winstone, New Zealand, 1973, as being nearest to blue.
Pelargonium 'Blue Orchid'
Horner, USA, 1955 Lilac flowers with black veins and brown and red blotches.
Pelargonium 'Bon Chance'
Not the 'Bon Chance of Fred Bodey, which is red. This Regal has a pretty case of measles. It has a white background liberally dotted with orange and cerise spots and with cerise blotches and veins on the upper petals and orange staining on the lower petals.
Pelargonium 'Brown's Butterfly'
Amanda Brown USA 1953-54 "Almost black flower, ruffled. Petals narrow-decked. Maroon velvety. Broad uneven band parallel to margin of Persian rose."
Pelargonium 'Brushfire'
Glowing red flowers with small dark brown blotches on all petals. Our friend Jim Sefton, an authority on Regal pelargoniums, tells us that this is really 'Brushfire' (changed spelling).
Pelargonium 'Carmen'
rounded dentate leaves; small flowers that have shocking pink lower petals; upper petals are dusky pink with a light red wash and red blotches and veins; very floriferous
Pelargonium 'Cherie'
Kerrigan, USA, 1954. "Delicate pale pink, ruffled petals. Carmine spot on all petals. Upright flowering."
Pelargonium 'Chew Magna'
Peat, UK, 1975 'Large white flowers heavily blotched and veined sienna-red carried well above the foliage.Compact."
Pelargonium 'Clown'
Schmidt, USA, 1964 "Enormous flowers, top petals white to blush pink, veined cerise red extending to base, splashed orange-red around blotch of red purple, lower petals white tinged very pale pink. Compact'"
Pelargonium 'Colin Tilley'
Much confusion here. P. 'Colin Tilley' is listed as a zonal in The International Register and Checklist (orange with a white center). This Regal is very lightest lavender with raspberry blotches and dark purple almost black veins on the upper petals.
Pelargonium 'Copper Canyon'
Regal. From Young's Mesa Nursery, Arroyo Grande, California, 1981. Salmon with light brownish blotches on the lower petals. Upper petals dark purple.
Pelargonium 'Coral Sea'
Petals are very soft warm pink fading to white in the center. Upper petals are blotched brown and red with dark brown to almost black veins. Ruffled.
Pelargonium 'Cotton Candy'
Young's Mesa Nursery, 1981. "Medium lavender, dark markings." Rewriting the description: white background with a very faint lavender blush. Upper petals with large dark to pale cherry blotches and prominent dark, almost black veins. Ruffled edges.
Pelargonium 'Covina'
Regal. From the Regal Preservation Project. Upper petals cherry fading to raspberry White edge to upper petals, strong purple veins. Lower petals white with no veins. Please note that the name was misspelt "Corvina' on prior lists (per. com. Jerry Stewart). It was first listed in Young's Mesa Nursery Catalog, 1987, but is probably much older.
zone 9 and above Sp. - Fa. 20" x 20" $6.00
Pelargonium 'Dark Mystery'
Dark rose with brown blotches on all petals. Petals are waved
Pelargonium 'Debbie'
From Young's Mesa Nursery catalog, 1987. Pale pink ground with warm pink blotches on upper petals and purple veins; very pale pink blotches on lower petals.
Pelargonium 'Deep Purple'
Schmidt, USA, 1960. "Large, ruffled deep purple flowers with dark blotches overlaid velvety brown, changing to blue-violet near petal edges. Stong, bushy, compact."
Pelargonium 'Donatella Champagne Bluet'
Glowing orange pink flowers with pink edges and a pink center; black veins. Cynthia Pardoe received the Donatella series in 2001 from Italy. All regals with the DONATELLA ____, name are Riccardo Gallucci's seedling hybrids which he produced himself. No sports.
Pelargonium 'Donatella Florence'
Hybridized by Riccardo Gallucci. Clusters of pansy-like flowers, with a palest pink background and deep pink veins and blotches on the lower petals and cherry red and brown blotches and veins on the upper petals.
Pelargonium 'Donatella Love'
Regal. From the Regal Preservation Project, San Diego. Ruffled palest lavender petals, with cherry blotches on the upper petals.
Pelargonium 'Donatella Night Dreams'
Cynthia Pardoe tells us that this is 'Donatella Night Dreams', not 'Donatella Nuit' as we had previously listed it. We are always happy to change the names if someone has knowledge of the plant. Orange red upper petals with large brown blotches, orange pink lower petals with narrower brown blotches and brown veins. All petals ruffled. Similar to 'Hanson's Bernice' which does not have ruffled petals.
Pelargonium 'Dubonnet'
R. May USA 1957 "Blush wine-red with 7-8 waved petals each with a black spot. Free flowering. Low. Self-branching." IRCPC
Pelargonium 'Eileen'
Given to us originally as 'Aileen', but Cynthia Pardoe tells us that she hybridized it and it was named for her sister 'Eileen'. Very ruffled strong pink petals with a darker pink upper zone, and a pale lower zone.
Pelargonium 'El Gato'
Wavy petals. Glowing red flowers with brown blotches and veins on the petals.
Pelargonium 'Eloika'
From Harriet Foster, Santa Barbara, The Geranium House. Named after her granddaughter. Bright mid pink flowers fading white to the center with red blotches and reddish brown veins.
Pelargonium 'Eureka'
Regal. From the Beckwood Nursery, UK. 1982 " Dark reddish chestnut, black markings".
Pelargonium 'Exquisite'
Warm soft pink petals with dark red veins and orange-red blotches.
Pelargonium 'Fleur-de-Lis'
Young's Mesa Catalog, USA, 1981. "Pale lavender, excellent markings." Dark cherry veins and cherry red blotches on the upper petal(s).
Pelargonium 'Flower Basket'
From Outwater, USA, 1954. "Vivid rose pink, lighter edges. Crimson blotch on all petals. Small flowers, low, compact, spreading"
Pelargonium 'Fringed Aztec'
"Syn 'Betty Bly'. Introduced commercially as 'Fringed Aztec 1974-5. Sport from 'Aztec'. As 'Aztec' but with smaller strawberry marks and petals deeply serrated, distinctly feathered bright crimson. Long and heavy blooming. Self branching."
Pelargonium 'Georgia Peach'
R Schmidt USA 1969 Peach pink, seven petals per flower, especially good under electric light for cut flower work. IRCPC
Pelargonium 'Giant Butterfly'
R. Gubler, Switzerland. "Enormous florets of pure lilac, upper petals slightly darker. Plum markings." This is not a very accurate description. I would call the blotches cherry and purple with heavy dark veins. The flowers are not really enormous, but it is a pretty plant in full flower.
Pelargonium 'Gloria Pearce'
Pearce, UK, 1976. "Crushed strawberry to dark rose pink with garnet feathering on upper petals." The description in The International Register and Checklist sounds a bit off - but people do use color descriptions loosely.
Pelargonium 'Glowing Embers'
Described as 'Glowing Ember.' Both Australia, 1959. "Rich golden orange with light violet center." Well, is it?
Pelargonium 'Guadalupe'
We have given this plant a provisional name. We don't know what its real name is. It was found in an old garden and it is fabulous. It has more flowers than any of the other Regals. It is always in flower and it does not grow over about 12". It's a hot pink with with darker pink to almost red on the upper petals and dark brown blotches. The throat of the flower is white.
Pelargonium 'Halloween'
Ruffled apricot pink petals fading pale to the center; red blotches on the upper petals and red veins.
Pelargonium 'Hanson's Bernice'
Regal. From Craig Hanson, California. Soft orange with large brown blotches on the upper petals and brown veins.
Pelargonium 'Hanson's Degas' (formerly 'Craig Hanson')
Regal. Glowing orange with dark purple blotches on the upper petals. Ruffled petals Cynthia Pardoe tells us this is 'Hanson's Degas' so we will change the name accordingly.
Pelargonium 'Heile Selassie'
Raspberry upper petals with crimson red blotches and brown veins; pale raspberry lower petals with purple veins.
Pelargonium 'Hewlio'
Searle, Australia, 1986. "Dark purple-red, a lighter throat, heavily veined and ruffled"
Pelargonium 'Ice Carnival'
Pure white flowers with orange and brown blotches on all petals and brown veins.
Pelargonium 'Indiana Sunrise'
Palest lavender pink background to the petals. Huge red to strawberry blotches on the upper petals and dark strawberry veins. Faintest strawberry veins on lower petals.
Pelargonium 'Jolenta'
Flowers of mid cold pink with large reddish brown blotches on the upper petals which are pink around the edges. There are very light dark pink veins on the lower petals.
Pelargonium 'Joseph Paul'
Ruffled to the nth degree'; pale pink with light red on the upper petals which is bleeding into the pink; brown blotches and veins on the upper petals only.
Pelargonium 'Katie'
Small flowered Regal. Flowers in clusters; bright pink with reddish-brown blotches and veins on upper petals; paler pink lower petals.
Pelargonium 'King Edmond'
Regal. Barter, UK, 1988. From The Regal Preservation Group in San Diego. Glowing cherry red lower petals with brownish blotches, black upper petals with black veins.
Pelargonium 'La Negra'
Dark maroon flowers with ruffled edges; dark maroon brown blotches on the upper petals and light brown blotches and veining on the lower petals.
Pelargonium 'La Paloma'
White flowers with the faintest pink stain on the upper petals and mid pink veins.
Pelargonium 'Lara Rajah'
Vivid dark coral lower petals and dark brown upper petals.
Pelargonium 'Lavender Sensation'
Ruffled flowers; deep lavender pink upper petals with dark brown veins and dark red blotches on the upper petals; paler lavender lower petals with some white near the throat. R. Bodey, Australia, 1972. Flower color described as "deep plum". It is very difficult to reconcile the color descriptions of some of the Regals.
Pelargonium 'Lita'
Regal P. Lita' is from The Mesa Nursery, Arroyo Grande, California, 1981. It is pale orange and white.
Pelargonium 'Lord Bute'
(small flowered Regal) From 1910 An old variety with flowers that are a very dark purple maroon edged with carmine. Featured in large containers at Sissinghurst in England and of interest to many of their garden visitors.
Pelargonium 'Magnolia'
Origin unknown. Flowers of an unusual shape, ruffled edges and slightly twisted. The petals are dark red, with even darker webbed veins and a white edge.
Pelargonium 'Majestic'
1845, FCFM vol. 13. "Upper petals carmine-rose, dark chocolately velvet blotch, shaded crimson lake; lower petals pure china rose."
Pelargonium 'Mar D Gras'
Not Mardi Gras, which is white and violet rose. Orange with dark brown blotches on the upper petals and some dark lavender streaks. Petals are ruffled.
Pelargonium 'Maricruz'
Regal A common pelargonium in gardens around San Francisco Bay. We have given it the tentative name of 'Maricruz', but please let us know if you know its real name. (Cynthia Pardoe tells us that is is the "spitting image' of 'Marie Rober', but 'Marie Rober' is described as purple magenta with a dark blotch on all petals - is it the same - we don't know!) It has glowing light purple outer petals with large brown to purple blotches on the inner part of the petals
Pelargonium 'Maureen' (Regal)
Young's Mesa Nursery, 1985. Described as "Strawberry, brick and white. Very frilled". (Not to be confused with the Fancy Leaf Pelargonium 'Maureen').
Pelargonium 'Mexican Lady'
Blood red with dark brown blotches . Petals have wavy edges. Profuse flowering.
Pelargonium 'Midnight Flight'
R Dark burnished red with dark brown to almost black blotches on the upper petals. All petals are slightly wavy. Flowers are noticeably open and flowering is profuse.
Pelargonium 'Miranda'
Doesn't correspond with any printed descriptions. Upper petals are red, with darker centers marked by heavy veins, and a light pink edge. Lower petals are light rosy pink, with white throats and dark pink veins.
Pelargonium 'Mood Indigo'
R. C. and H. May, USA, 1958. "Deep warm lavender, long velvety blotch on reverse of each petal. Compact and free flowering."
Pelargonium 'Moolap Princess'
For those who cannot get enough of pink ruffles.
Pelargonium 'Moon Glow'
Lavender rose petals with small red and brown blotches on the upper petals and dark brown veins. The color is only found on the top third of each petal. The lower two thirds are white and there is a small white ring around the outer edges of the petals. Very showy.
Pelargonium 'My Chance'
Regal. Wyck Hill, UK 1972 "Deep chocolate purple with a large magenta eye.
Pelargonium 'New Gypsy'
RHS Gardening. Bicolor petals with a dark red central stripe flanked by white zones on either side that are blushed with pink, fading to a lighter throat. Dark, patterned veins. The central red stripe is even darker and wider on the upper petals.
Pelargonium 'Nona Lola'
'Nona Lola' is a Regal that is found in many old gardens in California. We don't know its original name and it was given the provisional name of 'Nona Lola' by Susi Torre-Bueno. It's light purple and white with small red blotches and veins.
Pelargonium 'Orange Parfait'
Young's Mesa Nursery catalog, 1981 "Bright orange"
Pelargonium 'Pardoe's Black Velvet'
Very dark maroon, almost black with black veins and orange anthers.
Pelargonium 'Parisienne'
Schmidt, USA, c. 1962. Ruffled deep mauve, decided blue cast, white center. Top petals with deep violet veining and medium sized velvety reddish-violet blotch." Apart from the "deep mauve" this description sort of fits. I would describe the background as a light cold pink.
Pelargonium 'Peter's Choice'
Ruffled flowers, warm strawberry pink shading red on the upper petals; brown veins and a brownish blotch; deep pink, pale pink and red on the lower petals. Illustrated in GATW, 1994, Vol. 42, but described as bluish magenta, purple and white. Apparently not the same plant!
Pelargonium 'Pink Gardener's Joy'
Shady Hill Catalog, USA, 1988. "Large pink flowers with a slight tint, maroon blotch on top petals surrounded with rose. A few coloured veins on the lower petals."
Pelargonium 'Pink Parfait'
Doesn't correspond to any recorded variety of this name. White upper petals are prominently marked with crimson centers and dark veins. Lower petals are white, lightly traced with pink veins.
Pelargonium 'Pompeii'
""Schmidt USA <1964. Dark maroon, all petals evenly edged white. Short, compact plant." IRCPC
Pelargonium 'Purple Delight'
Light pink flowers with striking venation on all petals and raspberry blotches on the upper petals.
Pelargonium 'Queen Anne'
Pure white flowers with purple veins on the upper petals.
Pelargonium 'Rapture'
Schmidt, USA, 1962 "Soft apricot, red blotch on upper petals. Ruffled." I think the blotches are more orange/brown and the veins are purple-brown.
Pelargonium 'Raspberry Parfait'
Thorp, UK, 1982. "Wine raspberry with upper petals feathered crimson. Compact." We might add ruffled petals.
Pelargonium 'Ray Kellog'
Regal. R. Jarrett USA 1932 Large pale pink flowers with purple veins and brilliant orange blotches, larger on the upper petals which also have black blotches.
Pelargonium 'Rembrandt'
Morf. Australia c 1960. Purple petals edged in lavender. Lavender throat becoming white at the base. Large flowers with waved petals.

Pelargonium 'Richard's Find'
Found by Richard in an abandoned farmhouse in Marin County, CA. It has a simple cerise flower with a dark chocolate blotch and purple veins, and it is sturdy - able to survive in obviously adverse conditions.
Pelargonium 'Rimfire'
R Two shades of orange with dark brown blotches on all petals and dark brown veins.
Pelargonium 'Rogue'
Schmidt, USA, around 1955. "Deep mahogany red shading to black."
Pelargonium 'Rome'
R Bright pink on all petals with dark brown blotches and dark brown veins.
Pelargonium 'Royalty White'
Regal. From the Regal Preservation Group in San Diego. White clusters of slightly ruffled flowers with purple blotches and veins on each petal.
Pelargonium 'Salmon Splendour'
Kerrigan, USA 1942. "Salmon an apricot undertone, each petal veined crimson from base to center, medium sized blotch of velvety brown washing with orange; top petals with slightly larger and deeper colored blotches. Margins waved."
Pelargonium 'San Francisco'
(P. cucullatum hybrid with an unknown Regal) Seed from Ball Floral Garden, Arroyo Grande, CA; grown and distributed by Jim Sefton. Pale lavender background with prominent purple blotches and veining; very dramatic flowers
Pelargonium 'Sangre del Sol'
Outwater, USA 1960. "Deep salmon red, with dark maroon veining; top petals blotched, almost completely maroon, with a rose edge."
Pelargonium 'South American Bronze'
Amanda Brown, USA, 1953. Large bronze flowers with narrow white edging.
Pelargonium 'Sunrise'
Schmidt, USA, 1967. Flowers are described as "immense", but that is not true. "Introduced as 'Rose Dawn' and changed to 'Sunrise' in 1968 . Immense flowers of salmon-orange with white throat". The blotches are dark reddish purple.
Pelargonium 'Surfin Red'
Very early flowering Regal. Vibrant red petals that fade to a white throat which displays several maroon veins. Bordered by the thinnest white edge. Slightly reflexed.
Pelargonium 'Turkish Coffee'
Monahan Australia 1976 "Outside of petals vieux rose, white throat feathered cerise, a complete circle of salmon-orange half way up the petals." The description doesn't sound quite right. If you have thoughts on this, please let us know.
Pelargonium 'Valencia'
Vernon's Catalog, UK, 1989. "Orange scarlet flowers with some slight veining on some petals." Once again, this description is not really accurate. The flowers are a very light apricot pink with faint apricot veins on all the petals. Prominent veins are dark red and there are small vivid red blotches on all the petals.
Pelargonium 'Verity Pallas'
R Saddington Australia 1984 Three zones of color, glowing red, bright pink and white shot through with red veins, with a white reverse on the petal which are ruffled.
Pelargonium 'Vicky Claire' (formerly incorrectly known as 'Noche')
R Deep purple upper petals with a pale pink edge and purple veins; lower petals are almost white with cherry veins. Please advise the nursery if you know the correct name.
Pelargonium 'Viva Villa'
Young's Mesa Nursery, USA, 1984. "Open, poppy-like flowers. Clear dark orange with white center." The upper petals are marked with a small dark splotch and dark veins in the center.
Pelargonium 'White Cascade'
Clusters of pure white flowers with the occasional petal veined in medium pink.
Pelargonium 'White Champion'
Regal. Schmidt, USA, 1968. Our most beautiful white Regal. Large flowers on dark green foliage.
Pelargonium 'White Glory'
Schmidt, USA, 1966."White with only slight palest violet veins in lower half of top petals."
Pelargonium 'Yarrabee Jayne'
McBain, Australia, 1982."Sport from P 'Turkish Coffee'.White, gently ruffled, top petals flecked and feathered maroon, lower petals pink edged with deeper flecks and shaded maroon pink."
Pelargonium 'Zia Grafia'
Cerise flowers with a white throat, cerise veins, and a deep purple blotch which takes up up but a thin line around the upper petals. Flowers are small and the petals are slightly wavy.
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