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Pelargoniums Species and Primary Hybrids

The night-scented pelargonium species are mostly tuberous rooted, and are winter growing/summer dormant, as are a number of other pelargonium species on the list. They should therefore, be grown in all but the mildest areas of the U.S. with winter shelter, usually in a conservatory or greenhouse. They generally bloom in February March and April and will then cease active growth. Leaves will turn yellow and water should withheld. You may place the dry plant and pot in a dark, cool, dry place while you enjoy the summer. In September, or before, if the leaves start to appear, water sparingly until the plant commences full growth. Summer growing plants, which are noted in the list, should be allowed to go dormant for three to four months over the winter, and then be watered lightly for the rest of the year. These pelargoniums grow best in large (8-10") pots in a fast-draining but nutritious potting mix with perlite mixed in. Why bother to grow them if they require so much attention? Because the flowers are highly unusual and some are delightfully scented. Many occur in attractive colors including brilliant green, pale yellow combined with dark bluish-maroon, brilliant red, wine red and in several cases a pink and green mix. As night comes on, the night scented group release a heady fragrance of vanilla/cloves/indefinable into the air that lasts until daylight the following morning.
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Monsonia emarginata
A perennial plant with long annual trailing stems, elliptical mid green leaves, and flowers that are creamy white with purple veins on the backs of petals.
Monsonia speciosa
Western Cape, South Africa; very narrow five lobed leaves, flowers very large white with a pink basal blotch and orange anthers; summer dormant. The beautiful photo of Monsonia speciosa in the field was taken by Jenny Peers.
Pelargonium abrotanifolium
A shrub with thin woody branches and feathery, fragrant grey green leaves; white flowers with purple veins; flowers on and off all year.
Pelargonium acetosum
From the Eastern Cape; a shrubby plant, glabrous leaves, flowers light apricot pink; petals long and narrow; this form has large flowers.
Pelargonium acetosum 'San Jose'
From Bill Lemke in San Jose, a variegated form of Pelargonium acetosum which we are calling Pelargonium acetosum 'San Jose'. The flowers are the same light apricot pink.
Pelargonium aciculatum MV 7696--98
Platkloof, Piketberg Mts. hairy finely divided grey leaves; copious small light yellow flowers; summer dormant
Pelargonium aestivale
In the Horea group, it is a geophyte with entire and prostrate leaves. The flowers are cream colored. It comes from a summer rainfall area in the Great Karoo. Sometimes the flowers appear after the leaves have died. NOT AVAILABLE IN 2018
Pelargonium alternans 2496 MV
Succulent shrublet; tiny hairy dissected leaves; white flowers; summer dormant
Pelargonium anethifolium
Tuberous rooted species with long narrow lobed leaves and flowers with a yellowish pink base and purple blotches. Summer dormant and night scented. LIMITED AVAILABILITY IN 2018
zone 9 and above spring 18" x 12" $10.00
Pelargonium 'Angie'
A possible Polyactium hybrid with dark, almost black, and yellow green flowers in loose umbels. From Jay Kapac in Southern California.
Pelargonium apiifolium x Pelargonium rutaceum MV (Hybridizer unknown)
A hybrid with very deep brownish black flowers with a thin pale yellow edge around all the petals; night scented, summer dormant
Pelargonium 'Ardens'
A hybrid of P. lobatum and P. fulgidum from the 19th century; glowing orange red flowers with dark brown blotches and veins on all petals. Only summer dormant in hot summer areas
Pelargonium aridum
Small tufted plant; tuberous roots; very finely divided leaves and pale yellow spidery flowers; summer dormant
Pelargonium asarifolium
Asarum-like deep green leaves and small deep red flowers; summer dormant.
Pelargonium auritum var. auritum
Pelargonium auritum v. auritum has almost black flowers with a small white center. The plant is from the section Horea and has a horror of two much water. Water very sparingly during the growing season and not at all after it goes dormant at the beginning of summer until the beginning of fall, or when the weather cools. SOLD OUT FOR 2016
Grows in the winter, flowers in the spring $10.00
Pelargonium auritum var. carneum
From Welland Cowley, South Africa; geophyte; lanceolate leaves; white flower with red veins; summer dormant.
Pelargonium australe
(Australia) Small dark green slightly shiny leaves and small umbel like clusters of mid pink flowers with purple blotches and veins. From seed collected at Mt. Gibralter, Mittagong, NSW, Australia.
Pelargonium australe (coastal form)
(Australia) Another form of P. australe collected on the southeast coast of New South Wales. The leaves are silver dollar size and softly hairy, and the flowers are in dense umbels and are white with prominent rosy blotches and veins on the upper petals.
Pelargonium barklyi
Beautiful light green leaves with a dark Z.around the edge and a red reverse, large creamy white flowers; tuberous, summer dorman). Nice plants available.
Pelargonium bowkeri
Tuberous rooted, night-scented; finely dissected leaves; fimbriated flowers colored taupe with a yellow green base; purple veins on lower petals; winter dormant. NOT AVAILABLE IN 2018
Pelargonium caffrum
Tuberous rooted, night-scented; leaves with very divided lobes; flowers of wine-red with fimbriated petals; tuberous rooted, night scented; winter dormant.
Pelargonium caffrum 'Diana'
A cross from Fibrex Nurseries, U.K. mid pink flowers with shallowly fringed petals, darker pink blotches and small purple veins on upper petals; water very sparingly in the winter
Pelargonium campestre
A small geophyte in Horea with simple to irregularly pinnatisect leaves and medium white flowers. The petals don't have any markings, but the stamens have prominent wine red anthers. This species looks similar to P. auritum var. carneum, but the latter has narrow posterior petals. It is found in the southeast coastal areas of South Africa. NOT AVAILABLE IN 2018
Pelargonium carnosum
Succulent branched shrub; light pink flowers; summer dormant
Pelargonium carnosum 2116
John Lavranos through Abbey Gardens; succulent branched shrub with very short fat branches; white flowers; summer dormant
Pelargonium caroli-henrici
Geophyte with a turnip shaped root and pinnatilobed to bipinnatisect densely pilose leaves and wine red peduncles, flowers are cream colored with dark red blotches; summer dormant; flowers after the leaves have died. Unavailable in 2018
Pelargonium caylae
(Madagascar) Heart shaped velvet leaves, very tall hard brown stems up to 8', flowers in clusters, bright pink narrow notched petals with a difficult to define scent; dormant in late summer. (Water sparingly while dormant)
Pelargonium ceratophyllum MV5426
Swollen tuberous roots; very succulent leaves; white star like flowers; water very sparingly all year.
Pelargonium chelidonium
It is a geophyte with bright pink flowers, and petals all about equal size. The leaves are flat but can vary in the amount of division from entire to trifoliate. It grows in the Southwest Cape, South Africa. It is spring flowering, and summer dormant. NOT AVAILABLE IN 2018
Pelargonium cordifolium
A large shrub, from 3-4 ft. tall.The main stem is woody, and the side branches are green and soft. The leaves are large and cordate with a very soft velvety texture underneath. The flowers are deep pink with darker colored veins on the upper petals. It flowers during the spring and summer, and is easy to grow. It is found along the south coast of South Africa.
Pelargonium cortusifolium
Succulent stems; cordate leaves with silky hairs; flowers with white upper petals and pink lower petals; day fragrant; summer dormant.
Pelargonium cotyledonis
An unusual squat tree like plant with a thick trunk and succulent branches shaped like sausages; dark green cordate leaves with conspicuous veins; plants are dormant for part of the year. Flowers are white and regular on a branched inflorescence. The only pelargonium flowers with no veins.
Pelargonium cotyledonis 'Ventnor'
Pubescent, greyish green leaves. It has a tall trunk and very long flowering stems, to 24" or more. Collected by Dr. Goodenough on St. Helena, around 1986 at Asses' Ears, in the southwest of the island. Flowers are white with five regular petals. Very rare.
Pelargonium crassicaule
Thick, rounded, brown to greyish-brown stems. The leaves are deciduous, silvery, hairy, and have wavy margins. The flowers are in umbels and are white with prominent fuchsia blotches and streaks. It comes from Namibia, southwest Africa, where the plants grow in rocky outcrops. It must have summer dormancy with no water.
Pelargonium crassipes
P. crassipes has short stems, thickly covered with the bases of old petioles. The leaves are very finely divided. The flowers are dark pink and small. It is found in the subsection Ligularia.
Pelargonium crithmifolium
Succulent and branched shrublet; white flowers with dark purple veins at the base of the petals; succulent stems, succulent leaves; inflorescences become hardened and woody with age; summer dormant.
Pelargonium cucullatum ssp. strigifolium
A large shrub with rough cup shaped leaves; flowers small and lavender pink
Pelargonium cucullatum ssp. tabulare
A large shrub with large round leaves and large pinkish purple flowers
Pelargonium curviandrum
It has large prostrate leaves and white to cream colored flowers. The two posterior petals have feathery markings. It looks rather like P. punctatum and P. triandrum. It occurs in the southern cape of South Africa in the mountains, and grows in the fynbos and is spring flowering, summer dormant.
Pelargonium 'Cy's Red'
Cy's red is a hybrid. We're not sure of the provenance, but the leaves are very finely divided, and the plant grows to about 18" tall. The flowers are light pink with crimson-red streaks up and down all petals.
Pelargonium dasyphyllum
The name refers to the hairy leaves of this species, but we can't say that we've noticed that these leaves are particularly hairy. They seem to be succulent and branched. The section Otidia is very confused. This plant is vegetatively propagated from a selection made in South Africa, but we must say that we're not confident of its identification. The flowers are white and reflexed. It occurs on the northwest coast of Cape Province in South Africa.
Pelargonium desertorum 2128 BRI 23215
From the Richtersveldt; a small branching shrublet with small round aromatic leaves and white flowers; plants are dormant in the summer.
Pelargonium dichondrifolium
A rounded plant with short woody stems; leaves round and dark green and pungent, flowers are white with red feathering; a handsome pot plant.
Pelargonium divaricatum
Thickened roots; small gray green feathery dissected leaves; small mid pink flowers with faint cherry blotches on the upper petals.
Pelargonium dolomiticum
Bipinnate gray leaves; four petalled flowers - the upper two long like hares' ears and pink with cherry veins, the lower two small and rounded with cherry veins; winter dormant.
Pelargonium echinatum
P. echinatum has a number of different colors in habitat. They range from deep purple through light purple, dark and light pink and white. Different collections may have blotches on the upper petals only, or blotches on all five petals.
Pelargonium echinatum 4995, Van Jaarsveld
From Eselfontein. Tuberous roots; large clear light purple flowers with dark blotches on the upper petals only; summer dormant.
Pelargonium echinatum 5477 MV
Pink flowers becoming darker with age; blotches and stripes on all petals; summer dormant.
Pelargonium echinatum 'Julie Scheller'
There have been a number of introductions of different color forms of P. echinatum, some with blotches on all petals, some with blotches only on the upper petals. 'Julie Scheller' is the original "sweetheart" pelargonium with little raspberry hearts on the upper petals and no blotches on the lower petals.
$10.00 (name misspelled in previous catalogs)
Pelargonium elongatum
Clumping plant with rounded midgreen leaves with a dark horseshoe zone; flowers are cream colored and profuse. Sets huge amounts of seed. Short lived but easily grown from seed.
Pelargonium endlicherianum
(Turkey) Stemless, dark green cordate leaves which are shallowly lobed. Dark pink flowers with the upper two petals only. Wonderful plant for a rock garden. SOLD OUT FOR 2018
Pelargonium englerianum
Stiff crinkled small pungent dark green leaves; small pinkish purple flowers with dark purple blotches and veins on the upper petals. NOT AVAILABLE in 2018
$6.00 (also see Scented Leaf Section)
Pelargonium exhibens
Thickened semisucculent leaves; stems covered with semipersistant petioles; greeny cream flowers with red veins; very sensitive to water; just breathe on it.
Pelargonium exstipulatum 4315 MV
A branching woody shrub; swollen roots; leaves sticky small gray and aromatic; mid pink flowers; water sparingly.
Pelargonium fasciculaceum
We had listed this plant as another form of P. aciculatum, but think it is probably P. fasciculaceum. It has very attractive cream to pale yellow flowers with feathery markings.The leaves are erect and bipinnatisect.
Pelargonium fergusoniae
A geophyte with palmately compound leaves, and very long, thick petioles. It is found in the southern cape province of South Africa, and flowers in the summer. NOT AVAILABLE IN 2018
Pelargonium fissifolium
In the subsection Horea, with pinnate to irregularly bipinnatifid leaves, although the leaves vary widely in form. The flowers are a very pale creamy color, with wine-red markings on the upper petals. It is a winter-growing, summer-dormant species, and flowers in the spring. It is found in the southwest corner of Cape Province, South Africa.
Pelargonium fulgidum
Green hairy and deeply lobed leaves; glowing orange flowers; South Western Coast of South Africa, rocky exposed site; summer dormant.
Pelargonium fulgidum
Pink flowers; summer dormant.
Pelargonium fulgidum 'Gary Scheidt'
Seed from Gary Scheidt; it has glowing orange flowers with a white throat, and is summer dormant.
Pelargonium fumariifolium (?)
Night-scented flowers, greenish yellow with a maroon stripe, low growing, fleshy dissected leaves; summer dormant THIS IS NOT P. FUMARIIFOLIUM. WE DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS. WE HAVE BEEN GROWING IT FOR MANY YEARS; IT IS POSSIBLY ONE OF THE POLYACTIUM GROUP
Pelargonium gibbosum
West Coast of South Africa, sandy, rocky site, long stems with swollen nodes, glaucous half succulent leaves; flowers greenish yellow, night scented; summer dormant.
Pelargonium glaucifolium
A 19th century hybrid of P. lobatum; leaves large and divided into 5 prominent lobes; flowers dark maroon-black with a pale greenish-yellow edge; night-scented; summer dormant.
Pelargonium grandicalcaratum
From John Manning, South Africa; small deciduous shrub with fleshy, obovate leaves; tuberous roots on mature plants; pungent scent; flowers are white and appear closed as the upper petals bend back and the lower three form a tube like structure; summer dormant; very uncommon in cultivation. Very difficult to propagate. FINALLY WE HAVE THIS VERY DIFFICULT PLANT AVAILABLE!
Pelargonium hirtum
Thin succulent stems to 5 inches tall; feather-like finely divided leaves; small lavender-pink flowers.
Pelargonium iocastum
A short lived perennial, clumping, with small entire dark green leaves; small lavender flowers; widely separated lower petals - upper petals frequently fused with two purple blotches and purple veins.
Pelargonium klinghardtense
The name refers to the Klinghardt Mountains in Namibia and northwestern South Africa, where the species was first discovered. It is a stem succulent with a large, thick smooth stem. The leaves are large and simple and glaucous green. The white flowers are on a tall, branching inflorescence. It grows during the winter, and is dormant during the summer. Plants should be watered very sparingly throughout the year, as it does not seem to have a dormant period. NOT AVAILABLE 2018
Pelargonium 'Lawrencianum'
(c. 1827) A hybrid of P. lobatum x P. fulgidum; woody stem with round soft grey leaves; purple flowers fading to lilac pink at the base, purple veins; summer dormant.
Pelargonium laxum
Fleshy succulent stem and succulent pinnatifid leaves; flowers small white with long white to pink stamens and orange anthers; summer dormant.
Pelargonium leptum
A geophyte with turnip shaped roots; juvenile leaves simple, variable and very finely divided adult leaves; long petalled cream colored flowers; summer dormant. NOT AVAILABLE 2018
Pelargonium lobatum
Tuberous-rooted, night scented; very large hairy broadly lobed leaves; flowers light yellow with dull purple veins on all petals and yellow anthers; winter dormant.
Pelargonium lobatum 4085 MV
From habitat collected seeds, the Richtersveldt; tuberous rooted; night scented; mid green leaves with shallow broad lobes and prominent veins; pale yellow green flowers with dull purple blotches and veins on all petals; winter dormant.
Pelargonium longifolium 7450 MV
Sandy foothills of Matsikannaberg near Van Rhynsdorp; long lanceolate mid green leaves; large yellow flowers with spidery narrow petals; purple veins on upper petals; summer dormant; flowers after leaves die.
Pelargonium luridum (cream flowers)
Eastern Cape tuberous rooted; gray green finely divided leaves, pale skin colored flowers; winter dormant.
Pelargonium luridum (Mpumalanga)
A very unusual form of P. luridum from Mpumalanga, in Valoren Vallei, found near damp and boggy ground. The leaves are large, grey, densely hairy, entire and toothed around the margins. The flowers are soft pink.
Pelargonium luridum (threadlike leaves)
Form obtained in a shipment of P. luridum above. Threadlike leaves. Similar to Derek Clifford's P. Zeyheri in 'Pelargoniums', including the popular 'Geranium' Yellow-green flowers.
Pelargonium luridum WC
Eastern Cape tuberous rooted; gray green finely divided leaves, mid pink flowers; winter dormant.
Pelargonium magenteum 4317
Seed from Stellenbosch; shrubby plant with woody branches; rounded grey green leaves; brilliant pink flowers with dark blotches on all petals; summer dormant.
Pelargonium 'Memories of Michael'
Hybridized by Michael Vassar using the P. lobatum x P. fulgidum cross of P. 'Ardens' and P. 'Laurencianum'. Flowers are white with dull raspberry stripes on all petals; summer dormant.
Pelargonium mirabile 4091 MV
Soft gray green leaves with a cuneate leaf base (to distinguish it from P. crassicaule); lobed and ruffled white flowers with cherry blotches on all petals and dotted veins on upper petals; summer dormant. NOT AVAILABLE 2019
$10.00 Available 2010
Pelargonium multiradiatum 3191 Stel.
Tuberous roots; very large finely dissected leaves; greenish yellow night scented flowers with a maroon stripe in the petals; summer dormant.
Pelargonium myrrifolium ssp. coriandrifolium
Little shrub with long stems, leaves finely divided with very pale pink flowers.
Pelargonium oblongatum
Leaves ovate and toothed; many large pale yellow flowers on branching scapes; upper petals with maroon branching veins. Old plants in flower are spectacular; may flower after the leaves die; summer dormant. FEW AVAILABLE 2018
Pelargonium papilionaceum
A very large shrub (up to 8') with scented cordate shaped leaves and little pink flowers with streaked and veined petals that look like butterflies (hence the name).
Pelargonium peltatum Form 1
Hairy and succulent small shield shaped leaves; flowers large light lavender.
Pelargonium peltatum Form 2
Small shiny shield shaped leaves; light lavender pink flowers with purple veins on the upper petals only.
Pelargonium petroselinifolium
Turnip shaped tuber; leaves green and pinnately compound; flowers small and pink; upper petals have wine red feathery markings; flowering after the leaves have died; summer dormant. PLEASE CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY IN 2017
Pelargonium 'Pomona'
A 2006 Jay Kapac hybrid with large light green shallowly lobed palmate leaves and rounded deep to dusky pink flowers with prominent cherry blotches on the upper petals and veins on the lower petals; water very sparingly in the summer.
Pelargonium pulchellum 6315 MV; 479 Stel.
A rosette plant with short semi succulent stems covered with papery brown stipules; leaves light green and pinnately lobed; white flowers with raspberry stripes on the three lower petals; flowers early spring with long summer dormancy.
Pelargonium pulverulentum #1
From the late Frank Horwood; a form with scalloped, slightly succulent leaves; low growing; flowers with a yellow green base with dull purple blotches prominent on lower petals; tuberous rooted and night scented; winter dormant.
Pelargonium pulverulentum #2
Eastern Cape of South Africa; tuberous rooted, night-scented; large hairy grey green leaves; flowers with brownish blotches on all five petals; winter dormant.
Pelargonium pulverulentum 'Oribi Flats'
A form with succulent grey green leaves and long soft hairs on leaf margins; flowers yellow green with prominent dull purple blotches on lower petals; tuberous rooted; winter dormant.
Pelargonium punctatum 6376 MV
Tuberous rooted; rounded fleshy leaves, flowers are pale yellow with very narrow petals and red spots on the upper petals; flowering after the leaves have died; summer dormant.
Pelargonium quinquelobatum
Leaves are dull bluish green and five lobed; the flowers are blue grey changing to blue pink with age - a very unusual color.
Pelargonium radicatum
Tuberous roots; simple lanceolate hairy leaves; pale yellow flowers; summer dormant UNAVAILABLE IN 2018
Pelargonium radulifoliium
Tuberous rooted, night-scented; dull yellow flowers with maroon stripes; summer dormant.
Pelargonium rapaceum 6776MV, 5778MV; 5713MV; FKH12181
Tuberous rooted; we have a number of forms with slightly different leaves. The flowers are white, light yellow and mid yellow and there is one with mid yellow flowers with a salmon colored overlay; one selection has flowers that face upwards; all plants flower after the leaves have died; summer dormant.
Pelargonium 'Renate Parsley'
Gray green entire leaves with dentate margins; flowers with pale pink lower petals that darken with age; orange red upper petals with black blotches.
Pelargonium reniforme
Eastern Cape of South Africa; small gray green entire leaves; deep pink spidery flowers; tuberous roots.
Pelargonium reniforme 'Rhoda McMaster'
Large gray-green entire and ruffled leaves; dark pink flowers; flowering stems dusky pink.
Pelargonium rutaceum
Upright succulent stems; tuberous roots; night-scented flowers, yellow-green with a maroon stripe.
Pelargonium schizopetalum
Eastern Cape of South Africa; tuberous rooted; leaves large and softly lobed; flowers with fimbriate petals, upper petals pale yellow to green; lower petals dark browny-pink.
Pelargonium 'Schottii'
(syn. P. 'Red Dragon') Gray hairy feathery leaves; rich purple flowers with black blotches on all petals; thought to be an early 19th century hybrid of P. lobatum; water sparingly in the summer.
Pelargonium sericifolium x Pelargonium echinatum
(From Ernie de Marie) A low branching shrub, small grey divided leaves, flowers deep pinkish lavender; late summer dormant.
Pelargonium sidoides
From Fischer Nurseries, Germany green rounded leaves; flowers nearly black and very small; flowers are day fragrant.
Pelargonium sidoides
Thickened roots; rosettes of small rounded gray green leaves; long arching flowering stems with narrow petalled burgundy colored flowers.
Pelargonium 'Soweto Sunrise'
(Ernie de Marie) Probably a P. sericifolium hybrid; tuberous rooted; hairy finely lobed leaves; glowing deep orange flowers with dark brown blotches in umbels. VERY FEW AVAILABLE, 2018
Pelargonium sp. 6821 MV
Tuberous rooted, night scented; flowers yellow green with narrow maroon streaks; summer dormant.
Pelargonium sp. (Platkloof)
A small woody shrublet; small green dissected leaves; white flowers; summer dormant.
Pelargonium sp. S1373
From Stellenbosch, South Africa; tuberous rooted; night scented; hairy deeply and narrowly lobed leaves; pale yellow flowers with prominent maroon blotches on the three lower petals; summer dormant.
Pelargonium sp. S2555
From Stellenbosch, South Africa; tuberous rooted; night scented; leaves with large five lobed segments; pale yellow flowers, tiny blotches and veins on upper petals, maroon blotches on lower petals; summer dormant.
Pelargonium sp. S3239
From Stellenbosch, South Africa tuberous rooted; night scented; leaves with large separated lobes; pale yellow flowers with a pink caste and pale maroon streaks; summer dormant.
Pelargonium 'Splendide'
A scandent shrub; leaves are pinnate, grey and hairy; a truly splendid hybrid with red upper petals, a dark center and almost white lower petals. Do not leave it outside in rain, protect from winter temperatures below 32 degrees F, and prune very carefully.
Pelargonium stipulaceum
A hybrid with fat stubby branches covered with brown stipules; light green leaves and profuse light apricot flowers; compact; summer dormant.
Pelargonium suburbanum
Herbaceous perennial with sprawling stems, oblong shaped leaves and bright pink flowers. Good plant for hanging baskets.
Pelargonium tetragonum
Xerophytic bush; thin brittle stems; small succulent leaves; very large pale pink flowers with 4 petals; water very sparingly in the summer.
Pelargonium tongaense
Bushy plant with triangular lobed fleshy leaves; flowers orange red; flowers profusely and over a long period.
Pelargonium transvaalense
Short fat stems; leaves hairy with five triangular shaped lobes; petals are narrow and bright pink; upper petals with dark pink veins in the throat; grows well in shade; dormant in the summer.
Pelargonium tricolor
Narrow grey green hairy leaves, elliptical in shape, with with some teeth. The flowers are white, and at the base of the upper petals there are glossy raised black blotches which are purple-red on the outer edges. The plants are compact, about 12" in height.
Pelargonium trifoliolatum
Turnip shaped roots; pinnate leaves; branching scape, clusters of flowers yellow or pink with wine red blotches on upper petals summer dormant. UNAVAILABLE, 2017
Pelargonium triste
Southwestern Cape. We have a number of different leaf forms of P. triste; all have tuberous roots; are night-scented; have finely divided leaves; pale yellow-green flowers with larger or smaller brownish blotches; summer dormant
Pelargonium triste 'Ham Tyler'
Tuberous rooted; night-scented; very finely divided gray-green leaves; flowers pale yellow with faintest maroon blotches; summer dormant. NOT AVAILABLE IN 2017
Pelargonium violiflorum MV
Tuberous roots; leaves from entire to deeply dissected; flowers small white with reflexed petals in clusters; flowers as the leaves die; water sparingly; summer dormant. PLEASE CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY IN 2017
Pelargonium woodii
Tuberous rooted; probably a form of P. schizopetalum; fimbriated flowers of yellow-green and pink; fragrant leaves; winter dormant.
Pelargonium worcesterae
Rounded underground tubers are dianostic; a sprawling plant; brown stems have long internodes; leaves are green and kidney shaped; small white flowers with narrow petals; winter dormant; water very sparingly.
Pelargonium xerophyton
A well-branched shrublet with succulent branches; flowers white with pale lavender blotches on all five petals and purple veins in upper petals; summer dormant; water very sparingly.
Pelargonium xerophyton 'Bunny' 4551 MV
From Pofadder, south of Richtersveldt; a very compact form of P. xerophyton with very small fleshy leaves and bright pink flowers; summer dormant; water very sparingly.
Pelargonium 'Xochi'
A 2006 hybrid introduction from Jay Kapac; large greyish green shallowly five lobed palmate leaves; scarlet flowers with dark blotches on the upper petals; winter growing, spring flowering, water sparingly during the summer.
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