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P. 'Lemon Meringue'
Pelargoniums (Scented-Leaf)

Photo by Donn Reiners

Geraniaceae is a small nursery in Marin County, California (Zone 9b) specializing in some of the plants of the Geranium family. The nursery was started in 1983 and over the years we have noted a phenomenal increase in interest in hardy geraniums. Each year we try to stock the newest and best hybrids and to continually improve our selections of individual geranium species. Geraniums and erodiums are best represented in the nursery, but we also have a group of pelargonium species, some of which are night scented, and some small flowered hybrids, a selection of scented-leaf pelargoniums, and numerous cultivars of angel and pansy-face pelargoniums. We do not grow any forms of Pelargonium x hortorum (zonals), P. x peltatum (ivies), or P. x domesticum (regals/Martha Washingtons).

As usual, there are a few plants listed in the catalog that are not for sale again this year. We propose but Mother Nature disposes. If your favorite is not for sale we’ll try hard to have it available for you next year. Please call or email if you wish to inquire about wholesale orders for the genera Geranium and Pelargonium.

MOST GERANIUMS ARE GROWN FOR SALE IN ONE GALLON CONTAINERS AND COST $7.00-$10 EACH. PELARGONIUMS, ERODIUMS, AND SOME RARE GERANIUMS, ARE GROWN FOR SALE IN 4" CONTAINERS. THE PRICE IS USUALLY $4.50 - $15.00, BUT MAY BE MORE IF THE PLANT IS VERY RARE OR DIFFICULT TO PROPAGATE. Upon purchase pelargoniums should usually be transferred to larger containers or planted out in the garden in frost-free areas. With the exception of most of the erodiums and some of the geraniums in the Rock Garden section of the Geranium List, the plants do not like to be confined. Please take them out of their pots, and plant them in reasonably fertile, well-drained soil. They respond much better to free root run in the open ground. Like many perennials, geraniums and erodiums look their best after several years in the garden. Clump size increases, ground covers cover the ground, and they hold their own in landscape schemes.

The approximate season when plants come into flower is indicated in the Catalog by the following: Sp.(Spring), Su.(Summer), and Fa.(Fall). In our climate (Zone 9b), most geraniums and some erodiums are dormant, or at least resting, from late November through February. Don’t panic if your plant disappears over the winter. It should reappear with greater strength in the spring.

P. 'Charity'
Pelargoniums (Scented-Leaf)

Photo by Donn Reiners

All mature and acclimatized plants of geraniums and erodiums on this list can survive to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, and many to much lower temperatures, with the exception of G. canariense, G. maderense, G. palmatum and G. incanum and most of the other South African geraniums, and G. traversii and its hybrids whose lower limits are about 20-25 degrees Fahrenheit, depending their location in the garden. Where known, approximate USDA hardiness zones are indicated, following the plant descriptions.

Height is listed first followed by width (12x15”). Size descriptions in the Catalog are for general reference. Soil, placement, and culture can greatly change plant size. Few if any garden pests appear to bother these plants. (Please communicate with the Nursery if you encounter any particularly troublesome pests or disease.) Some geraniums listed in the sections devoted to Shade, Ground Covers, and Borders and Bedding bloom in flushes, and blooming time can be prolonged by shearing the vegetation after the first flush of flowers. Don’t even think about cutting back any biennials. Although we're generally happy to see people during daylight hours any day of the week, PLEASE CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT BEFORE YOU VISIT THE NURSERY. The telephone number is (415) 461-4168.


A mail order form is available in the back of the catalog and on the website. We like to consult with our customers on an individual basis before filling an order. Please make sure you provide a telephone, fax number or e-mail address with your order. We ship all plants U.P.S. Ground (two day guarantee) to the West Coast and Third Day Delivery (three day guarantee) to the rest of the U.S. The latter is somewhat expensive, but it ensures that the shipment arrives in good condition. Before shipping, plants are taken out of their containers. The root balls are encased in damp sphagnum, paper, and a plastic bag, and the plants are packed in a box with recycled styrofoam pellets. We enclose an invoice in the box, and highlight the shipping charges on the outside of the box. When you receive your package, you may send a check which combines the two charges. We cannot extend credit beyond thirty days.

Please note: We ship our plants on Mondays. We do need to know the month and date you would like us to send the plants. We prefer to send them after the last normal frost date for your area, or in time for them to acclimatize before the onset of winter.

P. crispum 'Prince Rupert Variegated'
Pelargoniums (Scented-Leaf)

Photo by Donn Reiners

Many people have asked us why the catalog does not have any photos. The short answer is that it costs too much. We are gradually adding photos to the plant entries on our website We are greatly indebted to Donn Reiners of Sacramento, California who has been photographing the pelargoniums and erodiums over the last two years with patience and apparent pleasure. We hope to have many more pictures on the website this summer.

Many geraniums and erodiums we grow are wild flowers and there is some natural variation in color and form among populations collected in the wild. Not all selections, either wild or domestic, deserve cultivar names. In addition, as hardy geraniums become more popular and as the plants display their usual promiscuity and seed around, it has been tempting for nurseries and gardeners to name anything that looks a little different, without first seeing the full range of what is already available. The result is some virtual duplicates, with different names. Labeled stock plants for all items offered in the catalog are available at the nursery for study and comparison.

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