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About Scented-Leaf

These plants have been sentimental favorites for several hundred years. Over 140 varieties of scented leaf pelargoniums are available. The range of detectable scents is remarkable, and includes rose, lime, ginger, peach, lemon, peppermint, nutmeg, oak, strawberry, balsam, apricot, coconut, apple, and many others. Although many scented leaf pelargoniums grow to a large size in the ground, their size can be controlled by keeping them in pots, and by pruning the tips during the growing season. Most are frost tender, and need to be protected during the winter from temperatures in the low 30's (F) and below, and from excessive moisture when they are not in growth. Cuttings root easily in potting soil, and new cuttings can be made for the following year. Plants should be placed where they can be easily touched. Leaves can be utilized in potpourri, cooking, and for toiletries. This list also included a few pelargoniums in the Unique category. It is for the convenience of the nursery rather than for their affinity with the scented leaf pelargoniums.