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Pelargonium triste
Pelargoniums (Species and Primary Hybrids)
Southwestern Cape. We have a number of different leaf forms of P. triste; all have tuberous roots; are night-scented; have finely divided leaves; pale yellow-green flowers with larger or smaller brownish blotches; summer dormant
Pelargonium 'Aroma'
Pelargoniums (Scented-Leaf)
(green-apple scent) Shallowly lobed and curly light green leaves. Tiny white flowers. Handsome container plant.
Pelargonium 'Ginger'
Pelargoniums (Scented-Leaf)
(ginger) Soft, leathery, dark green leaves on vigorous upright plants. Lavender flowers with cherry veins on upper petals.
Geranium monacense var. anglicum
Geraniums (Shade)
Dark-green leaves; reflexed light lavender flowers with a darker pink and blue central ring that fades to white. (S)
Pelargonium denticulatum 'Filicifolium'
Pelargoniums (Scented-Leaf)
(pungent) Seed field collected in South Africa. Finely dissected sticky, hairy leaves and pale lavender flowers.
Pelargonium cortusifolium
Pelargoniums (Species and Primary Hybrids)
Succulent stems; cordate leaves with silky hairs; flowers with white upper petals and pink lower petals; day fragrant; summer dormant. SOLD OUT FOR 2019
57 Geranium nodosum 'Whiteleaf'
Geraniums (Shade)
A selection from Lionel Bacon, U.K. Deep green leaves; lavender flowers with magenta blotches, and pale edges to petals.
Geranium 'Mavis Simpson'
Geraniums (Borders and Bedding)
Mounding, pale, gray-green leaves and long three foot or more annual flowering stems bearing mid pink flowers, fading white to the center, with rose veins.
Pelargonium 'Carlton's Pansy'
Pelargoniums (Angel and Pansy-Face)
(Milton Arndt, USA, 1960s. PANSY) flowers larger than average to 2". Lavender-white flowers with plum-colored blotches fading to raspberry at outer edges.
Pelargonium 'Quantock Marjorie'
Pelargoniums (Angel and Pansy-Face)
(Dymond) Upper petals are frilled and burgundy; lower petals are white with a pink flush.
Pelargonium 'Dark Wyne'
Pelargoniums (Angel and Pansy-Face)
(Kapac) A fabulous compact plant; prostrate habit; glowing dark red flowers
Geranium versicolor
Geraniums (Shade)
(Italy, Balkans, Greece) Hairy leaves of pale green with strong internodal blotches; small, strikingly rose-penciled, white flowers with notched petals.
Geranium phaeum 'Calligrapher'
Geraniums (Shade)
From Axletree Nursery and Mallorn Gardens, U.K. Mid green leaves with small, dark brown internodal blotches; flowers have ruffled petals of bluish-purple, fading pale to the center, with violet veins. (S)

Pelargonium 'Henry Weller'
Pelargoniums (Angel and Pansy-Face)
(Ken Dymond) Deep velvet purple upper petals with a white throat and paler purple lower petals fading to light purple on edges
Pelargonium fragrans 'Old Spice'
Pelargoniums (Scented-Leaf)
(spicy nutmeg) Form similar to above, but scent totally different, being rich and spicy. Tiny white flowers.
Geranium oxonianum 'Wageningen'
Geraniums (Ground Covers)
Compact, handsome plant with bright salmon-pink flowers. (S)
Pelargonium 'Velvet Duet'
Pelargoniums (Angel and Pansy-Face)
(Taylor, 1982) Parents P. ' Tip Top Duet ' and P. ' Wayward Angel'. Flowers very dark maroon-plum with bottom petals a lighter shade. Mid green foliage on a fairly compact and short grower.
Pelargonium 'Charmay Electo'
Pelargoniums (Angel and Pansy-Face)
(Attfield) Rounded flowers of a velvety purple, with a fine, pale lilac edge; similar to P. 'Sancho Panza,' but a different shade of purple.
Pelargonium 'Aurelia'
Pelargoniums (Angel and Pansy-Face)
(Kapac) Light pinky-lilac flowers with a darker blotch on the upper petals, small pale blotches on the lower petals. Flowers are small; plant is very floriferous and very compact.
Pelargonium 'Maria Garcia'
Pelargoniums (Angel and Pansy-Face)
(Kapac) Compact plant with leaves that have a woodsy fragrance; flowers in clusters; red with a touch of orange with white throats and darker veining on the upper petals. Very floriferous. Named for Jay Kapak's loyal friend.
Geranium sanguineum 'Farrer's Form' DUPLICATE
Geraniums (Borders and Bedding)
Mid green leaves, mid pink flowers.

This name appears to be misapplied. The correct 'Farrers Form' is G. sanguineum var. striatum 'Farrer's Form' which, according to Peter Yeo, combines compactness with dark green leaves.
Pelargonium 'Pink Champagne'
Pelargoniums (Scented-Leaf)
(lime) Dark green, leathery, lobed leaves. Large flowers have shocking-pink edges fading to blue-pink with darker veins.
Pelargonium asarifolium
Pelargoniums (Species and Primary Hybrids)
Asarum-like deep green leaves and small deep red flowers; summer dormant. NOT AVAILABLE IN 2019
Geranium phaeum
Geraniums (Shade)
(mtns. of S. and Central Eur.) Mid green leaves with strong internodal blotches; deep maroon to dark brown flowers with a whitish base. (S)
Geranium 'Ivan'
Geraniums (Borders and Bedding)
(G. psilostemon? x G. x oxonianum) Large, broadly lobed, mid green leaves; mid size, mounding plant with bright magenta flowers with dark centers.

Best Sellers of 2010 1-25 | 26-50 | 51-75 | 76-100

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Plant of the Month

Monsonia speciosa

This is an unusual member of the Geranium Family. The leaf lobes are very fine and narrow, and the flowers look like white tissue paper with notched margins and a pink central blotch. The anthers are orange. The plant grows in the winter and flowers in the spring. It must be allowed to go dormant during the summer. At that time all water should be withheld. It does well in a container, but should be protected from temperatures below freezing in the winter. It can be propagated from root cuttings or seeds. The roots are bright yellow and semi fibrous. It comes from the winter rainfall areas of the Western Cape of South Africa and grows in sandy loam.

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