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Rank Plant
Pelargoniums (Fancy Leaf)
Taylor, UK 1975 Syn. 'Golden Harry Hieover' c. 1873 (Spalding) Yellow green leaf with a dark zone. scarlet flowers.
Pelargonium 'Schottii'
Pelargoniums (Species and Primary Hybrids)
(syn. P. 'Red Dragon') Gray hairy feathery leaves; rich purple flowers with black blotches on all petals; thought to be an early 19th century hybrid of P. lobatum; water sparingly in the summer.
78 Geranium phaeum var. lividum 'Lavender Pinwheel'
Geraniums (Shade)
A selection of G. phaeum var. lividum with internodal blotches on the leaves, and flowers that have the appearance of a watercolor, with light purple bleeding from a thin purple line near the base of the petals and a pale lavender center. The petals have a purple edge
79 Pelargonium crassicaule
Pelargoniums (Species and Primary Hybrids)
Thick, rounded, brown to greyish-brown stems. The leaves are deciduous, silvery, hairy, and have wavy margins. The flowers are in umbels and are white with prominent fuchsia blotches and streaks. It comes from Namibia, southwest Africa, where the plants grow in rocky outcrops. It must have summer dormancy with no water. NOT AVAILABLE IN 2019
Pelargonium 'Mrs. Taylor'
Pelargoniums (Scented-Leaf)
(musk or vinagrette) Dark green leaves. Bright red flowers. Difficult to propagate on old flowering wood. Great plant for a well-drained place in the garden. Blooms over a very long period of time.
Pelargonium denticulatum 'Filicifolium'
Pelargoniums (Scented-Leaf)
(pungent) Seed field collected in South Africa. Finely dissected sticky, hairy leaves and pale lavender flowers.
Pelargonium 'Apricot'
Pelargoniums (Scented-Leaf)
(syn. ' Paton's Unique') (spicy) Bright, cherry-colored flowers with white throat. Shiny leathery divided leaves of deep green.
Geranium pratense 'Plenum Violaceum'
Geraniums (Borders and Bedding)
Dark green leaves; small, perfectly shaped, double, violet-colored flowers.
Geranium 'Blue Sunrise'
Geraniums (Borders and Bedding)
A fabulous plant. We have waited forever to stock it. Yellow leaves and light blue flowers that become lavender blue as they age. A mounding and billowing eye-catcher.
Geranium sylvaticum 'Amy Doncaster'
Geraniums (Shade)
Deep violet-blue flowers with a white eyes. We do have plenty of G. sylvaticum 'Mayflower'. UNAVAILABLE IN 2018
Geranium oxonianum 'A. T. Johnson'
Geraniums (Ground Covers)
Luminous, soft pink flowers. A better landscaping plant than G. x oxonianum 'Wargrave Pink,' with which it is often confused. (S) SOLD OUT UNTIL SEPTEMBER, 2020
Pelargonium 'New Gypsy'
Pelargoniums (Regal Pelargoniums)
RHS Gardening. Bicolor petals with a dark red central stripe flanked by white zones on either side that are blushed with pink, fading to a lighter throat. Dark, patterned veins. The central red stripe is even darker and wider on the upper petals.
88 'Persian Queen'
Pelargoniums (Fancy Leaf)
Pale yellow-green leaves and shocking pink flowers with a glowing reddish center.
89 'Mint Julep'
Pelargoniums (Fancy Leaf)
Green leaves with an irregularly zoned large white edge. Flowers are red and single.
90 'Lass O'Gowrie'
Pelargoniums (Fancy Leaf)
1970. Mid green leaves with a center horseshoe ring of brown and white edges. The flowers are single orange-red.
Pelargonium 'Orange Parfait'
Pelargoniums (Regal Pelargoniums)
Young's Mesa Nursery catalog, 1981 "Bright orange"

Pelargonium 'Spotlight Hotline'
Pelargoniums (Ivies)
A hybrid ivy leaf with vivid orange, narrow petalled flowers, and leaves finely netted in cream, with a light brown zone.
Pelargonium 'Aurelia'
Pelargoniums (Angel and Pansy-Face)
(Kapac) Light pinky-lilac flowers with a darker blotch on the upper petals, small pale blotches on the lower petals. Flowers are small; plant is very floriferous and very compact.
Geranium 'Dreamland'
Geraniums (Borders and Bedding)
Alan Bremner hybridized this plant in 1998, and it was trialled in the Netherlands by Marco van Noort. It has gray-green, five-lobed leaves. The pale pink flowers are cup shaped, with a white center and dark veins. It is long flowering.
Pelargonium cortusifolium
Pelargoniums (Species and Primary Hybrids)
Succulent stems; cordate leaves with silky hairs; flowers with white upper petals and pink lower petals; day fragrant; summer dormant.
Geranium 'Tiny Monster'
Geraniums (Borders and Bedding)
(G. sanguineum 'Ankum's Pride x G. psilostemon) From Rolf Offenthal, Countess Helen von Stein's nursery, Germany, 1999. Large flowers of crimson purple-red with dark veins.
Pelargonium 'Vectis Glitter'
Pelargoniums (Sentimental Favorites)
Bred in Australia, in the 1970's. It is a white Stellar whose flowers are splashed and dotted with orange-red. SOLD OUT UNTIL THE END OF JULY, 2020.
Pelargonium 'Barbe Bleue'
Pelargoniums (Ivies)
Thorpe, UK, 1987. Deep purple double flowers. (Was originally described as almost black with reddish edged petals).
Pelargonium 'Copper Canyon'
Pelargoniums (Regal Pelargoniums)
Regal. From Young's Mesa Nursery, Arroyo Grande, California, 1981. Salmon with light brownish blotches on the lower petals. Upper petals dark purple.
Pelargonium 'Islington Peppermint'
Pelargoniums (Scented-Leaf)
(peppermint) A cross between P. tomentosum and P. 'Splendide'. A smaller paler green version of P. tomentosum, with small bi-colored flowers of deep reddish black on the upper petals and white with mauve markings on the lower petals. TOTALLY SOLD OUT UNTIL AUGUST.

Best Sellers of 2019 1-25 | 26-50 | 51-75 | 76-100

Best Sellers Of All-Time | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020

Plant of the Month

Carolyn's Citrine

Photo by Donn C. Reiners

'Carolyn's Citrine' was discovered by Lance Reiners of Santa Cruz, California and named for his father Donn's wife, Carolyn. It is very dramatic pelargonium with bright yellow cordate (heart shaped) leaves with a variable mid green central blotch and bright lavender pink flowers with a network of reddish purple veins on the two large upper petals. The three lower petals are narrow and unmarked. It grows up to three to five feet high and wide, but can be kept smaller with judicious pruning. It should be grown in temperatures above 32 degrees F. It is patented and propagation is restricted to licensed propagators.

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