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Rank Plant
Pelargonium graveolens 'Attar of Roses'
Pelargoniums (Scented-Leaf)
(rose) The best of the rose scents: strong and very sweet. Small pale lavender flowers in umbels.
Pelargonium 'Appleblossom Rosebud'
Pelargoniums (Rosebud Pelargoniums)
A Zonal Pelargonium with tight white rosebud flowers that are highlighted in a warm pink on the outer edges.
Pelargonium 'Clorinda'
Pelargoniums (Scented-Leaf)
(forest) Sweet, aromatic, foresty scent. Huge rangy plants, up to 36" in container. Makes good standard. Large soft mid green leaves. Large, shocking-pink flowers with red blotches and maroon veins.
Pelargonium 'Jay's Old Fashioned Rose'
Pelargoniums (Scented-Leaf)
(sweet rose) From Jay Kapac. A large growing form of P. graveolens with small pink flowers.
Pelargonium 'Lucaeflora'
Pelargoniums (Scented-Leaf)
(rose) Medium size P. graveolens-type leaves with a scent very similar to P. 'Attar of Roses;' plants are larger in size.
Pelargonium 'Old Fashioned Rose'
Pelargoniums (Scented-Leaf)
(rose) Rank growth; large, dissected, mid green leaves; small pink flowers.
Pelargonium 'Peacock'
Pelargoniums (Scented-Leaf)
(rose) Irregularly splashed, cream on chartreuse-green leaves. Upright large plant to 2 1/2' in pots. Pale lavender flowers in umbels.
Pelargonium 'Sweet Miriam'
Pelargoniums (Scented-Leaf)
(pineapple/oak) Sweet scent. Rough mid green broadly lobed and deeply dissected leaves. Rangy. Large candy-pink flowers with darker pink blotches and cherry veins. Long blooming period.
Pelargonium 'Pink Rosebud'
Pelargoniums (Rosebud Pelargoniums)
Washbrooke, UK, 1983. Luscious pale pink rosebud pelargonium. Also known as 'Noele Gordon'.
Erodium kolbianum 'Natasha'
Erodiums (Rock Gardens and Containers)
Silvery leaves; off-white petals, prominent, deep rose-maroon blotches on upper petals. Has a tendency to throw occasional double flowers.
Pelargonium 'Coral Sea'
Pelargoniums (Regal Pelargoniums)
Petals are very soft warm pink fading to white in the center. Upper petals are blotched brown and red with dark brown to almost black veins. Ruffled.
Pelargonium 'Maureen' (Regal)
Pelargoniums (Regal Pelargoniums)
Young's Mesa Nursery, 1985. Described as "Strawberry, brick and white. Very frilled". (Not to be confused with the Fancy Leaf Pelargonium 'Maureen').

Geranium 'Rozanne'
Geraniums (Borders and Bedding)
(G. wallichianum 'Buxton's Variety x G. himalayense) Very floriferous and heat tolerant; "masses of iridescent multi-toned blue flowers with serrated leaves."
14 Pelargonium 'Variegated Giroflee'
Pelargoniums (Ivies)
Leaves are irregularly splashed in cream and yellow. The double flowers are purple.
15 'Happy Thought'
Pelargoniums (Fancy Leaf)
Lynes, UK, 1873. Leaves are "spinach green" with an irregular central butterfly blotch. the flowers are cherry red and single.
'Occold Shield'
Pelargoniums (Fancy Leaf)
1984. Golden leaves with a dark central blotch. Flowers are orange-red. It is supposed to be a dwarf. AVAILABLE APRIL 1, 2018.
Geranium versicolor
Geraniums (Shade)
(Italy, Balkans) Hairy leaves of pale green with strong internodal blotches; small, strikingly rose-penciled, white flowers with notched petals.
Erodium cossonii
Erodiums (Rock Gardens and Containers)
(Morocco) Small, rounded, deeply lobed, mid green leaves on long stems; pale pink flowers with purple veins, brownish-pink blotches on upper petals. A compact plant.
Pelargonium 'Beauty of Diane'
Pelargoniums (Ivies)
Cesar Barba, Torrance, CA, around 1990. A sport of P. 'Rouletta', but Semi double, white with light purple edges and a stripe in the center of the petals. AVAILABLE MID SUMMER, 2018
Pelargonium 'St. Elmo's Fire'
Pelargoniums (Sentimental Favorites)
A Stellar. Deeply divided leaves, and very narrow, divided salmon flowers. Dwarf. SOLD OUT UNTIL FALL, 2018
Pelargonium 'Annsbrook Aquarius'
Pelargoniums (Sentimental Favorites)
A stellar pelargonium with flowers of light pink and shredded petals. The leaves are broadly lobed, with a prominent brown zone. SOLD OUT UNTIL FALL 2018
Pelargonium 'African Queen'
Pelargoniums (Regal Pelargoniums)
Deep red flowers with dark reddish brown blotches on the upper petals. SOLD OUT UNTIL FALL, 2018
23 Erodium foetidum
Erodiums (Rock Gardens and Containers)
(France) Strongly scented, silvery-green, carrot-like green leaves; light pink flowers with small lilac blotches and purple veins.
Pelargonium 'Bella Notte'
Pelargoniums (Ivies)
Bielby, UK, 1982. Mosaic veined leaves. Double ruby flowers with mosaic veined voliage
Pelargonium 'Ace High'
Pelargoniums (Regal Pelargoniums)
From Fred Bodey, Australia, 1971. "Dark maroon shading to cerise", palest pink wide edge to the petals. Very prominent veining.

Best Sellers of 2019 1-25 | 26-50 | 51-75 | 76-100

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Plant of the Month

Monsonia speciosa

This is an unusual member of the Geranium Family. The leaf lobes are very fine and narrow, and the flowers look like white tissue paper with notched margins and a pink central blotch. The anthers are orange. The plant grows in the winter and flowers in the spring. It must be allowed to go dormant during the summer. At that time all water should be withheld. It does well in a container, but should be protected from temperatures below freezing in the winter. It can be propagated from root cuttings or seeds. The roots are bright yellow and semi fibrous. It comes from the winter rainfall areas of the Western Cape of South Africa and grows in sandy loam.

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