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Geraniums Borders and Bedding

Full sun in coastal areas; morning sun/afternoon shade only in areas with high summer temperatures; light shade in intense summer heat.
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Picture Name Zone Season Size Price  
Geranium 'Alan Mayes'
From the Plantsman's Preference, UK. Of unknown parentage. It has purple flowers with very dark purple veins. Its
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 18-24x24" $8.00
Geranium aristatum
(Alb., Balkans, Greece) Leaves dark green and softly hairy; reflexed, pale whitish-lilac petals with lilac veins and a lilac center.
zone 5-9 Sp. 15x20" $8.00
Geranium asphodeloides
(S. Eur., Sicily and further east) Large numbers of pale pink to dark pink flowers, rose veined, over clumps of mid green, shallowly-rounded leaves. Seeds easily. (S)
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 12-18x15-24" $8.00
Geranium asphodeloides 'Gorer'
(Greece) Mid green, shallowly-rounded leaves; red-pink flowers. (S)
zone 5-9 Sp.-early Su. 12x20" $8.00
Geranium 'Bill Baker'
(G. gymnocaulon x G. platypetalum) Violet blue flowers with dark veins.
zone 5-6 Su. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium 'Blue Blood'
"Very deep purple-blue flowers with even darker veins." From Darwin Plants. AVAILABLE APRIL, 2022
zone 5-9 Su. 20x18" $8.00
Geranium 'Blue Cloud'
From Axletree Nursery, U.K. Finely divided leaves, pale blue flowers with light violet veins. SOLD OUT UNTIL 2022
zone 5-9 Su. 36-48x36-48" $8.00
Geranium 'Blue Pearl'
(United Kingdom) A seedling from G. 'Brookside'. Its bowl-shaped flowers are blue-gray.
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 30-36x24-36" $8.00
Geranium 'Blue Robin'
From Karen Wouters, Vaste Planten, Holland. A chance seedling in her nursery, probably a cross between G. renardii and G. platypetalum 'Turco.' Large violet-blue flowers.
zone 5-9 Late Sp.-Su. 18-20x24" $8.00
Geranium 'Blue Sunrise'
A fabulous plant. We have waited forever to stock it. Yellow leaves and light blue flowers that become lavender blue as they age. A mounding and billowing eye-catcher. I'M SO SORRY BUT WE ARE UNABLE TO FIND ANY SUPPLIES THIS YEAR. AVAILABLE IN 2023.
zone 5-10 Sp-Su. 20-36x48-60" $10.00
Geranium 'Blushing Turtle'
Hybridized by Karin Kosick of BC, Canada, in 2002. Possibly G. sanguineum x G. x oxonianum 'Julie Brennan' or a G. asphodeloides selection. Medium green leaves with good fall color. The medium pink flowers with purple veins are about 1.5" across.
zone 5-10 Sp.-Fa. 18x36 $8.00
Geranium 'Brookside'
(G. pratense x G. clarkei 'Kashmir Purple') Introduced by Axletree Nursery. Free-flowering, vigorous and beautiful plant with finely divided, dark green leaves; deep blue flowers with the faintest hint of purple, flowers have a white eye and red veins.
zone 5-9 Late Sp.-Su. 30-36x24-36" $8.00
Geranium 'Chantilly'
(G. renardii x G. gracile) Hybridized by Alan Bremner, introduced by Axletree Nursery, U.K. Form somewhat similar to G. gracile with large, leafy clumps, light lavender-pink flowers.
zone 5 possibly lower Early S 12-15x18" $8.00
Geranium clarkei 'Kashmir Pink'
From Blackthorn Nursery, U.K. Mid green, finely dissected leaves, mid pink flowers with dark veins.
zone 5-9 Su. 15x18" $8.00 Available 2016
Geranium clarkei 'Kashmir Purple'
(Kashmir) Mid green leaves, lobed deeply; mauve-purple flowers.
zone 4-9 early Su. 24x24" $8.00
Geranium clarkei 'Kashmir White'
(Kashmir) Finely divided, mid green foliage; large white flowers with lavender veins.
zone 4-9 Sp.-Su. 24x24" $8.00
Geranium collinum
(S.E. Eur., Central and E. Turkey, W. and Central Asia) Finely divided, dark green foliage, pink flowers; weedy.
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 18x30" $8.00
Geranium 'Coquet Island'
The right name at last! Small round purple-blue flowers with red veins and a light center. The leaves are yellow-green to light green and change color over the season. AVAILABLE AGAIN IN 2022.
zone 5-10 Sp.-Su. 12x15" $8.00
Geranium 'Criss Canning'
(G. pratense x G. himalayense) An Australian selection from David Lambley, Lambley Nursery, Victoria. A hybrid with large, deep blue flowers. UNAVAILABLE UNTIL SPRING, 2022
zone 5-9 Su. 12-15x18" $8.00
Geranium 'Distant Hills'
(G. pratense x G. collinum) From Alan Bremner, 1994. Flowers are pale blueish-pink.
zone Su. 3-9 16x18" $8.00
Geranium 'Dreamland'
Alan Bremner hybridized this plant in 1998, and it was trialled in the Netherlands by Marco van Noort. It has gray-green, five-lobed leaves. The pale pink flowers are cup shaped, with a white center and dark veins. It is long flowering.
zone 5-9 Sp.-Fall 12"x20" $8.00
Geranium erianthum
(N.E. Asia, Alaska) (seed field collected in Alaska by Marty and Craig Schwarz) Pale lilac blue flowers with dark lilac veins.
zone 5-9 Su. 12-24x18" $8.00
Geranium erianthum 'Neptune'
Distributed by Axletree Nursery, U.K. A sprawling plant with mid green leaves and deep blue-mauve flowers.
zone 5-9 Su. 15x18" $8.00
Geranium erianthum var. pallescens
Upright growth; mid green leaves, center portion of leaf shiny and wrinkled; pale pink flowers.
zone 5-9 Su. 18x18" $8.00
Geranium 'Eva'
(G. pratense x G. psilostemon) Light magenta flowers with pale streaks. SOLD OUT UNTIL 2022.
zone 5-9 Su.-Fa. 18x36" $8.00
Geranium gymnocaulon
(N.E. Turkey, S.W. Caucasus) Similar to G. ibericum. Broadly lobed, dark green leaves; violet-blue flowers with darker veins.
zone 5-6 Su. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium himalayense
(named G. grandiflorum or G. grandiflorum alpinum in books and old-time nurseries) (Himalayas) Handsome , mid green foliage, good autumn color; beautiful flowers of subtle shadings of blue, changing to reddish-blue in the center, with red veins.
zone 5-10 Sp.-Su. 15x24" $8.00
Geranium himalayense 'Baby Blue'
From Ingwersen's Nursery and named by Axletree Nursery, U.K. Large, light blue flowers with light red veins, compact growth.
zone 5-10 Su. 12x18" $8.00
Geranium himalayense 'Derrick Cook'
White flowers faintly flushed with lavender and purple veins.
zone 5-10 Sp.-Su. 18x36" $8.00
Geranium himalayense 'Devil's Blue'
(United Kingdom) A seedling from G. himalayense 'Baby Blue'. Bright blue flowers with purple veins and a white center faintly ringed with red.
zone 5-10 Sp.-Su. 12x15" $8.00
Geranium himalayense 'Gravetye'
Mid green leaves; blue flowers with reddish-purple flush in the center.
zone 5-10 Sp.-Su. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium himalayense 'Irish Blue'
Mid green leaves; pale, pinkish-blue flowers with darker veins changing towards a pale reddish-blue center. A compact form of G. himalayense.
zone 5-6 Sp.-Su. 15x20" $8.00
Geranium himalayense 'Plenum'
(G. himalayense 'Birch Double') Mid green leaves; double light lavender rosette flowers.
zone 5-10 Sp.-Su. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium ibericum
(N.E. Turkey and Cauc.) One of the parents of G. x magnificum. Mid green, hairy, deeply divided leaves; bowl-shaped, bluish-mauve, lightly veined flowers.
zone 5 Sp.-Su. 2ox36" $8.00
Geranium ibericum
A large heat tolerant useful plant for perennial beds. G. ibericum has hairy 9-11 lobed leaves and blue-mauve flowers with very prominent purple veins. Although it flowers in the spring and early summer, it should not be neglected because of this. It looks attractive even when it is not in flower.
zone 5-10 Sp. - Early summer 20 x 36" $8.00
Geranium ibericum ssp. jubatum
(N. Turkey) Similar to G. magnificum. The small flowers are slightly more blue-violet, and heavily veined.
zone 5-10 Sp.-Su. 15x18" $8.00
Geranium ibericum ssp. jubatum 'Vital'
From Hans Simon, Germany. Dark violet flowers.
zone 5-10 Sp.-Su. 15x18" $8.00
Geranium ibericum ssp. jubatum 'White Zigana'
Collected in Zigana Pass, Turkey by Michael Baron, U.K., 1998. White flowers with purple veins and notched petals, and are 1.5" wide. SOLD OUT UNTIL 2022
zone 5-10 Sp.-Su. 18x20" $8.00
Geranium ibericum 'Ushguli Grijs' (Formerly 'Ushguli Grey')
(Hans Kramer, Kwerkerij de Hessenhof, Netherlands) Its large blue-grey flowers are veined in purple.
zone 5-10 Sp.-Su. 18x24" $8.00 Available 2010
Geranium 'Jean Amour'
A seedling selection from John Ross. Gray-green, broadly lobed, mounding leaves on a somewhat compact plant; 24" annual flowering stems have mid pink flowers, becoming pale in the center, with cherry veins.
zone 7-10 Sp.-Fa. 15x24" $8.00
Geranium 'Johnson's Blue'
Abundant, spoon-shaped, light blue flowers with reddish veins on a compact plant whose leaves, intermediate between G. pratense and G. himalayense, are mid green with a slight gray tinge. (S)
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 18x36" $8.00
Geranium 'Jolly Bee'
We are only selling G. 'Rozanne'. Unfortunately, Geranium 'Jolly Bee' is no longer commercially available.
zone 5 Sp.-Fa. 24x36-48" $0.00
Geranium 'Joy'
(G. traversii 'Elegans' x G. lambertii) From Alan Bremner, and named after Joy Jones. Marbled, mid green leaves on a mounding plant; pale pink flowers with magenta veins.
zone 8-9 Sp.-Su. 12-15x18" $8.00
Geranium 'Kanahitobanawa'
(probably G. x oxonianum 'Thurstonianum' x G. psilostemon) The large, 1.5" star-shaped flowers with gappy petals are a bright reddish magenta with darker veins. It is long flowering and can be cut back after its first flush to avoid sprawling.
zone probably 5-9 Sp.-early Fall $8.00
Geranium 'Karen Wouters'
Found by Mia Esser and named for Karen Wouters of Wouters Vaste Planten, Holland. It is a seedling from G. 'Chantilly,' with light lavender-pink flowers and strong pink veins. (Form B)
zone 5-10 Sp. 8-10x20" $8.00
Geranium 'Kashmir Cloud'
Large mid blue flowers with translucent veins and overlapping petals. SOLD OUT UNTIL 2023
zone late Sp. 5-9 18x18" $8.00
Geranium 'Khan'
A possible hybrid between G. wallichianum and G. sanguineum obtained from Allan Robinson at the Royal Horticultural Society Gardens, Wisley, UK. A large, sprawling plant with leaves resembling G. sanguineum and large, light reddish-magenta flowers with slightly darker veins.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 30-36x36-40" $8.00
Geranium kishtvariense
(Kashmir) Broadly lobed, mid green leaves, creeping rhizomatous roots, deep purple-pink flowers with a white eye.
zone 7-9 Su.-Fa. 10x24-30" $8.00
Geranium koraiense
(S. Korea) Dark green leaves with white veins and center; flowers lilac pink with dark veins and white eye.
zone 6-9 Su. 20x24" $8.00
Geranium koreanum
(Korea) A mounding, sprawling plant. Leaves deeply toothed and light green with some marbling; flowers pale rose, veined violet with a white eye.
zone 5-9 Su. 15x24" $8.00
Geranium 'Little Gem'
(G. x oxonianum x G. traversii) Hybridized by Alan Bremner. Gray-green mounding leaves on a compact plant. 24" annual flowering stems bearing small deep magenta flowers with red veins.
zone 7 Sp.-Fa. 10x24" $8.00
Geranium 'Lydia'
Unknown parentage. Lavender blue flowers with inky blue veins, growing on long flowering stems (up to 36"). Blue
probably early Su. $8.00
Geranium magnificum
Dark green, quilted foliage with large, violet-blue flowers with deep purple veins; concentrated bloom in the spring and sporadically thereafter.
zone 5-10 Sp.-Su. 24-30x36" $8.00
Geranium magnificum 'Hylander'
Dark purple-blue flowers.
zone 5-10 Sp.- early Su. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium magnificum 'Peter Yeo'
Large violet blue flowers with wide overlapping petals. Flowers are a little lighter in color than G. x magnificum (Also known as Clone C.)
zone 5-10 Sp.- early Su. 20x24" $8.00
Geranium magnificum 'Rosemoor'
Hans Simon Nursery, Germany, 1997. It has large bluish-mauve flowers that are lightly veined. It is repeat flowering. SOLD OUT UNTIL SEPTEMBER, 2022
zone 5-10 Sp.-Su. 20x24" $8.00
Geranium 'Maître Hugo'
Found by Dr. Geert Lambrecht, Belgium, and named after his friend Hugo Dedeurwaerdere in 1999. It has light purple flowers with purple-magenta veins.
zone unknown Early Su. 20x16" $8.00
Geranium 'Mavis Simpson'
Mounding, pale, gray-green leaves and long three foot or more annual flowering stems bearing mid pink flowers, fading white to the center, with rose veins. SUPPLIES FOR THIS YEAR LIMITED.
zone 8-10 Sp.-Fa. 18x36-48" $8.00
Geranium maximowiczii
(Eastern Siberia, Manchuria) Mid green leaves, broadly lobed and dissected; flowers lavender-pink with purple veins.
zone unknown Su.-Fa. 15x18" $8.00
Geranium 'Maxwelton'
(G. psilostemon x G. oxonianum 'Wargrave Pink') From John Ross, Scotland. Yellowish-green leaves; light magenta flowers with rounded petals and short, purple veins.
zone 5-9 Su.-Fa. 36x36" $8.00
Geranium meeboldii
A rare species, difficult to find information about. The flowers are a very light pink-washed white, lighter in the center, and lightly veined in mid-pink. Its leaves are narrowly lobed and deeply dissected almost to the base.
zone 6-9 Su. 18x18" $8.00
Geranium 'Mrs. Judith Bradshaw'
G. gracile x G. renardii 'Whiteknights'. Hybridized by Alan Bremner, UK, and introduced by Robin Moss, 2009. Leaves have yellow new growth, later becoming green. The flowers are bluish pink.
Summer 12x15" $8.00
Geranium 'Nicola'
(G. x oxonianum x G. psilostemon) Leaves similar to G. psilostemon and light yellow-green. Flowers have separated, notched petals of light magenta, fading paler to the base, with reddish-magenta veins which thicken towards the base.
zone 5-9 Su. 24x24" $8.00
Geranium 'Nimbus'
(G. collinum x G. clarkei 'Kashmir Purple') Very finely divided green leaves, with a slight yellow tinge when young; flowers light bluish-purple with darker veins and a small pale zone at the base. Slightly sprawling appearance; very floriferous. NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL 2023.
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 24x36" $8.00
Geranium 'Nunwood Purple'
Medium-green leaves and bluish purple flowers that have a central red flush.
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 12x18" $8.00
Geranium 'Orion'
From Brian Kabbes, The Netherlands. A seedling of G. 'Brookside.' Large dark green dissected leaves, and very large mid blue flowers over three inches across.
zone 5-9 Sp.-Fa. 24-30x24-36" $8.00
Geranium 'Orkney Blue'
A hybrid of G. ibericum ssp. jubatum x G. gymnocaulon. Mid blue flowers with dark veins.
zone 5-9 Su. 20x18" $8.00
Geranium 'Orkney Dawn'
Pebbled leaves that open yellow in the spring and then fade to yellow green in the summer; flowers lavender.
zone 5-9 Su. 16x18" $10.00
Geranium palustre
(Germ., Austr., Switz.) Mid green leaves, light magenta-pink flowers; likes damp ground. (S)
zone 5-9 Su. 15-18x24" $8.00
Geranium 'Patricia'
(G. endressii x G. psilostemon) An Alan Bremner hybrid. Large, mid green leaves and pale magenta flowers fading maroon to the center with maroon veins.
zone 5-9 Su.-Fa. 24-36x36" $8.00
Geranium 'Phillipe Vapelle'
(G. renardii x G. platypetalum) Distributed by Axletree Nursery, U.K. Large, quilted, mid green leaves; deeply notched, bluish-purple flowers with dark veins.
zone 5-10 early Su. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium platyanthum
(also known as G. eriostemon and G. chinense) (N.E. Asia, E. Turkey, W. China) Large, coarse and hairy, light green leaves; small bluish-rose flowers with blue edges, becoming pale in the center, red veins. Use for leaf accents.
zone 5-9 Su. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium platypetalum
(Cauc.) Dark violet-blue flowers over rounded, slightly quilted, dark green leaves.
zone 5-10 Su. 15-18x18" $8.00
Geranium platypetalum 'Genyell' (formerly ibericum 'Genyel')
Flowers are bowl-shaped and deep purple with dark veins.
zone 5-10 Sp.-Su. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium platypetalum' Georgia Blue'
A Roy Lancaster selection from Georgia with dark violet-blue flowers.
zone 5-10 Su. 15x18" $8.00
Geranium platypetalum 'Turco'
(Form D) From Karen Wouters. Dark violet blue flowers; seems similar to G. platypetalum 'Georgia Blue'.
zone 5-10 Su. 15x18" $8.00
Geranium pratense 'Bittersweet'
Distributed by Axletree Nursery, U.K. Pale, mauve-pink flowers with translucent veins.
zone 3-9 Su. 18x20" $8.00
Geranium pratense 'Blue Chip'
Distributed by Axletree Nursery, U.K. Soft, pale blue flowers with a pink cast.
zone 3-9 Su. 18x20" $8.00
Geranium pratense (blue single-flowered form)
(N.E. Eur. and Asia) Tall, mid green, dissected foliage; flowers mid blue with a hint of mauve.
Forms with dark, mid and light blue flowers are available.
zone 3-9 Sp.-Su. 18x36" $8.00
Geranium pratense 'Cielito Lindo'
Our own selection with large, well-formed, pale blue flowers with red veins.
zone 3-9 Su. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium pratense 'Double Jewell'
Double white flowers with pink petaloid stamens in the center. Conpact plants that can be grown in containers as well as the ground.
zone 3-9 Su. 12x15" $10.00
Geranium pratense 'Dusky Hills'
Flowers pinkish grey.
zone 3-9 Su. 24x18" $8.00
Geranium pratense f. albiflorum
A very easily cultivated form of G. pratense with medium-sized white flowers, whose petals are widely spaced.
zone 3-9 Sp.-Su. 18x36" $8.00
Geranium pratense 'Hocus Pocus'
"dark bronze purple foliage and lavender purple flowers. Grows well and has large flowers for a dark leaved geranium." From Darwin Plants.
zone 3-9 Su. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium pratense 'Ilja' (formerly 'Ilya')
Lilac pink flowers with dark pink veins.
zone 3-9 (Late Sp.-Mid Su.) 24x24" $10.00
Geranium pratense 'Laura'
(United Kingdom) Pure white double rosebud shaped flowers, with narrowly lobed mid-green leaves.
zone 3-9 (Late Sp.-Mid Su.) 20x18" $10.00
Geranium pratense 'Mrs. Kendall Clark'
From Mrs. Joy Jones. U.K. Dark green leaves; pale gray-blue flowers with white veins. (Not the 'Mrs. Kendall Clark' mentioned in Dr. Yeo's "Hardy Geraniums", but beautiful notwithstanding). CHECK BACK AT THE END OF APRIL, 2022
zone 3-9 Su. 18-20x24" $8.00
Geranium pratense 'New Dimension'
PP15941 Maroon green leaves and lavender blue flowers.
zone 3-9 Sp.-Su. 20x24" $8.00
Geranium pratense 'Rose Queen'
Pale pink flowers with deep rose veins.
zone 3-9 Su. 24x30" $8.00
Geranium pratense 'Silver Queen'
Mid green dissected leaves; pearl-gray flowers with a pink cast.
zone 3-9 Sp.-Su. 24x24" $8.00
Geranium pratense 'Striatum'
Also known by the trade name of ' Splish Splash' Mid green leaves; white flowers irregularly splashed with violet-blue.
zone 3-9 Sp.-Su. 24x30" $8.00
Geranium pratense 'Summer Skies'
Double light lavender blue flowers with a small greenish white heart. Plants were introduced by Blooms of Bressingham in the UK in 1997 and are patented.
zone 5-9 Su-Fa. 24-36" tall, 24" wide $8.00
Geranium pratense var. stewartianum 'Elizabeth Yeo'
(Pakistan) A selection by Peter Yeo distributed by Axletree Nursery, U.K. Large, mounding, billowing plant; deeply lobed, mid green leaves; reddish-pink flowers. An elegant plant with a concentrated bloom in the spring, sporadic flowers thereafter.
zone 3-9 Sp.-Su. 24x30" $8.00
Geranium pratense var. stewartianum 'Raina'
Collected at Cambridge Botanic Gardens, United Kingdom, by Dr. Raina for Peter Yeo. It has deep pink flowers. Otherwise it similar to G. pratense var. stewartianum 'Elizabeth Yeo'.
zone 3-9 Sp.-Su. 24x30-36" $8.00
Geranium pratense 'Wisley Blue'
Selected and named by Graham Spencer, Croftway Nursery, U.K. Pale sky-blue flowers with translucent veins.
zone 3-9 Sp.-Su. 18x24-30" $8.00
Geranium pratense 'Yorkshire Queen'
Distributed by Axletree Nursery, U.K. Mid green leaves; white flowers, prominently veined purple.
zone 3-9 Su. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium 'Prelude'
From Judith Bradshaw and Chris Moore, Catforth Gardens, U.K. Small flowers of light lavender with magenta veins.
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 12-18x24" $8.00
Geranium psilostemon
(N.E. Turkey, S.W. Cauc.) Large, mid green divided leaves, magenta flowers with a black center.
zone 5-9 Su.-Fa. 36x36" $8.00
Geranium psilostemon 'Bressingham Flair'
Mid green leaves; light magenta flowers with maroon veins and a maroon blotch. SOLD OUT UNTIL 2023
zone 5-9 Su.-Fa. 36x36" $8.00
Geranium 'Purple Rain'
A seedling of G. 'Nimbus' from Robin Moss, United Kingdom. Light purple flowers with deeper veins, and finely divided foliage.
zone 5-9 early Su. 24x36-48" $8.00
Geranium 'Red Admiral'
(Possibly G. psilostemon x G. sylvaticum 'Baker's Pink') Deep red-pink flowers with dark centers.
zone 5-9 Su. 24x30" $8.00
Geranium regelii
(Pamirs) Pale, blue-pink flowers changing deep pink to the center over finely cut, light green leaves.
zone 5-9 Su. 12x12" $8.00
Geranium renardii
(Cauc.) Gray-green, rugosely-textured leaves; white flowers with a hint of lavender, purple veins.
zone 5-10 Su. 12-15x15" $8.00
Geranium renardii 'Heidi Morris'
(United Kingdom) The flowers are lavender with a network of deep purple veins.
zone 5-10 Su. 10x12" $8.00
Geranium renardii 'Rothbury Hills'
Very pale lavender flowers with prominent purple veins. Petals are notched.
zone 5-10 Summer 10x12" $8.00
Geranium renardii 'Tcschelda'
From Coen Jansen, Netherlands. Gray-green, rugose leaves; mid lilac-blue flowers with purple veins. Plant resembles G. 'Philippe Vapelle', but is more compact.
zone 5-10 Su. 12x15" $8.00
Geranium renardii 'Whiteknights'
From Reading University, U.K. Gray-green, rugosely-textured leaves; lilac-blue flowers with dark veins. Very slow growing.
zone 5-10 Su. Very slow growing. 10x12" $8.00 Available 2010
Geranium renardii 'Zetterlund'
Pale lavender flowers with dark purple veins and separated petals.
zone 5-10 Summer 12x15" $8.00
Geranium riversleaianum 'Russell Prichard'
Mounding gray-green leaves with long annual flowering stems bearing light milky-magenta flowers.
zone 8-10 Sp.-Fa. 18x36" $8.00
Geranium 'Rozanne'
(G. wallichianum 'Buxton's Variety x G. himalayense) Very floriferous and heat tolerant; "masses of iridescent multi-toned blue flowers with serrated leaves."
zone 5-10 Su.-Fa. 18-36x24-48" $8.00
Geranium ruprechtii (Russia)
Leaves similar to G. pratense, and mid blue flowers
zone 4-8 Sp.-Su. 24x18" $8.00
Geranium 'Sabani Blue'
Dark violet blue flowers with a pale eye. Large mounding plant with large rounded dark green leaves. USPP16305
zone 5-9 Sp. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum
(U.K., France, Germany) Finely cut, deep green foliage; rose-magenta flowers.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 6-34x10-24" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Alan Bloom'
Large, bright pink flowers.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 15x24" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Album'
Less robust, and more sprawling, open growth than G. sanguineum; dark green leaves; clear white flowers.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 34x24" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Alpenglow'
From the Alpenglow Nursery, Canada. Dark green foliage; rose-magenta flowers; slightly more compact than G. sanguineum.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 12x15" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Ankum's Pride'
Compact plant; mid green leaves; bright pink flowers with dark veins.
zone 4-10 Sp.-early Su. 8x15" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Apfelblute'
From Ernst Pagels, Germany, c. 1985. Mid green leaves; palest pink flowers. SOLD OUT UNTIL SEPTEMBER, 2020
zone 4-10 Late Sp.-early Su. 12x18" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Appleblossom'
Compact plant with small mid pink flowers
zone 4-10 Late sp.-early Su. 6x12" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Barnsley'
Similar to G. sanguineum. Dark green leaves; large light lilac flowers with dark cherry veins.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 15x30" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Belle of Herterton'
Found by Robin Moss in Frank Lawley's garden, U.K. Mid green leaves; strong pink flowers, fading from dog-rose-pink to white.
zone 4-10 Sp., early Su. 15x24" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Bloody Graham'
Seedling from Graham Stuart Thomas distributed by Axletree Nursery, U.K. Large mid magenta flowers.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 18x20" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Candy Pink'
A long blooming selection with mid lilac-pink flowers.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 18x20" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Canon Miles'
An introduction from John Anton Smith, U.K. A very compact plant with small, dark green, dissected leaves; small pink flowers darker on the outer edge of the petals, fading pale to the center.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 4x8" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Catforth Carnival'
From Judith Bradshaw and the former Catforth Gardens. Large silky lavender-pink flowers.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 10x15" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Cedric Morris'
Large, dark green leaves; light magenta flowers with red veins.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 30x24" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Cricklewood'
A selection made by Dennis Thompson of Seattle at Cricklewood Nursery, WA. He thought it was a hybrid, although it seems to resemble G. sanguineum. It is sterile and more vigorous than G. sanguineum. Light magenta flowers.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 18-24x60" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Drake's Pink'
Light pink, unveined flowers; dark green leaves; compact plant. SOLD OUT UNTIL SEPTEMBER, 2020
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 12x15" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Droplet' (formerly Geranium sanguineum 'Minutum')
Very small, dark green leaves with small light pink flowers with rose veins.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 2x8" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Elke'
Charming form of G. sanguineum; mid pink flowers have a small white eye and white petal edges. SOLD OUT UNTIL 2023.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 12x18" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Elsbeth'
Mid green, hairy, finely dissected leaves; dark magenta flowers.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 18x20" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Farrer's Form'
Mid green leaves, mid pink flowers.

This name appears to be misapplied. The correct 'Farrers Form' is G. sanguineum var. striatum 'Farrer's Form' which, according to Peter Yeo, combines compactness with dark green leaves.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 18x20" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Feu d'Automne'
Plant Bessin, France, 1995. It has light magenta flowers, and can be grown for its good autumn color.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 12x18-24" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Glenluce'
Collected by A.T. Johnson near Glenluce, Scotland, <1937. Its flowers are rose pink with a slight bluish tint and veins of light purple.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 18x20" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Holden'
Small, spreading plant; small dark green, dissected and softly-lobed leaves; bright rose-pink flowers with red veins and notched petals.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 8x15" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'John Elsley'
(United Kingdom) A many-flowered sanguineum with light magenta-pink petals.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Early Su. 12x18" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Kristin Jakob'
Fine purple-magenta flowers with purple veins and a white center over mounding, mid green leaves.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 15x18" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Max Frei'
Another magenta-flowered sanguineum form; compact plant with dark green leaves.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 6x10" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'New Hampshire'
Mid green leaves; red-magenta flowers with a hint of purple and magenta veins.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 12x20" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Nyewoods'
A selection from Nyewoods Nursery. Light magenta flowers with red veins on a compact plant with dark green leaves.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 15x20" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Purple Flame'
Reddish purple flowers. Full bushy plant.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 15-20" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum (Semi Double)
(Semi Double) A semi-double form, very rare; mid green leaves violet-magenta flowers with ruffled petals.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 16x20" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Senior'
A selection from Holland with light, strong lavender-pink flowers. It has a reputation for being low growing, but our plants seem to be of medium height, to about 12 in. tall.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 12 in. tall $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Shepherd's Warning'
(Scotland) Vigorous, with small flowers that are vivid cherry pink.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Early Su. 8x15" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'South Nutfield'
Flowers are strong purple. Very easy to grow.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 15x18" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum var. striatum
(formerly known as G. sanguineum 'Prostratum') An excellent perennial border plant. Pale pink flowers with deep pink veins; low growing, neat and tidy.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 8x15" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Vision'
Grown as a seed strain by some wholesale nurseries. Our version, which is vegetatively propagated, shows medium-compact growth; deep green leaves; magenta flowers with purple veins.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 15x30" $8.00
Geranium sanguineum 'Westacre Poppet'
From Westacre Nursery, and John Tuite, UK. A compact form of Geranium Sanguineum.
zone 4-10 Sp.-Su. 12x18" $8.00
Geranium 'Sellindge Blue'
(Possibly G. pratense x G. saxatile) From Martyn Rix and Axletree Nursery, U.K. Pale blue flowers over light green, finely dissected foliage.
zone 5-9 Su. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium 'Sirak'
(G. ibericum x G. gracile) Large, bright green leaves; large dusty, deep lilac-pink flowers with purple eyelash veining and greenish white centers.
zone 5-9 Su. 15-18x24" $8.00
Geranium soboliferum 'Starman'
(Germany) A compact plant with large flowers that are a deep reddish pink with purple veins. Elongated red-purple blotches appear on each petal.
zone 5-9 Su.-Fall 15x36" $8.00
Geranium 'Spinners'
(G. pratense x ?) From Axletree Nursery, 1990. Similar to G. clarkei 'Kashmir Purple'. Deeply dissected, mid green leaves; bluish-purple flowers with reddish to translucent veins.
zone 5-9 Su. 30x36" $8.00
Geranium 'Sue Crug'
A superb selection from Crug Farm Plants Nursery, Wales. A low, mounding plant with lightly toothed and veined hairy mid green leaves. The flowers are mid pink, fading pale to center, with purple veins and separated notched petals.
zone 6-9, possibly lower Su.-Fa. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium 'Summer Cloud'
(G. collinum x G. clarkei 'Kashmir White') A seedling from Cambridge University Botanic Garden. White spoon-shaped petals, with very prominent lavender veins. Moderately dissected mid-green leaves.
zone 5-9 Su. 24x24" $8.00
Geranium 'Summer Skies'
(G. pratense x G. himalayense 'Plenum'?) From Kevin Nicholson and Blooms of Bressingham, U.K., 1996. Small, pale-blue double flowers. SOLD OUT FOR 2021 - MORE NEXT YEAR.
zone 3-9 Su. 18x18" $8.00
Geranium 'Terre Franche'
(Possibly G. 'Philippe Vapelle' x G. platypetalum) Large blue flowers veined in purple over quilted leaves. Compact plant.
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 10x15" $8.00
Geranium 'Tiny Monster'
(G. sanguineum 'Ankum's Pride x G. psilostemon) From Rolf Offenthal, Countess Helen von Stein's nursery, Germany, 1999. Large flowers of crimson purple-red with dark veins.
zone 4-9, heat/humidity tolerant Su.-Fa. 12x36-48" $8.00
Geranium viscosissimum
(Cent. and W. USA) Sticky, gray-green leaves; red-pink flowers with magenta veins.
zone 4-9 Su. 20-36x24" $8.00
Geranium x magnificum 'Ernst Pagels'
Lavender blue flowers with purple veins. Petals are shallowly notched and slightly overlapping.
zone 5-10 Summer 24x24" $8.00
Geranium pratense 'Cloud Nine'
Another form of Geranium pratense with double flowers of a pale eggshell blue. It is a sweet addition to your perennial border.
zone 3-9 Early summer to summer 30" x 20" $8.00
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Highlighted Plant

Pelargonium 'Splendide'

Photo by Donn C. Reiners

A scandent shrub with gray hairy pinnate leaves and flowers that have red upper petals slightly streaked with white, pure white lower petals and an almost black central blotch. 'Splendide' is best grown in a greenhouse or conservatory, but can be grown outside if protected from rain and temperatures below 40 degrees F. Prune carefully and water sparingly. It is a glorious sight when in full flower. 24" wide x 12" high.

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