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Filtered sunlight encourages more bloom; some plants in this section will also do well in morning sun, especially in mild summer areas.
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Picture Name Zone Season Size Price  
Geranium gracile
(N.E. Turkey, Cauc.) Strong growing plant; large, dark green, broadly lobed leaves; small, mid pink funnel-shaped flowers with a pale center and notched petals; likes damp ground.
zone 5-9 Su. 30-36x30" $8.00
Geranium gracile 'Blanche'
A form with light pink flowers, dark pink on outer petals, with purple "eyelash" veins. UNAVAILABLE UNTIL SPRING, 2023.
zone 5-9 Su. 24-30x30" $8.00
Geranium gracile 'Blush'
A form with purplish-pink flowers and darker veins.
zone 5-9 Su. 30-36x30" $8.00
Geranium maculatum
A selection by Joe Sharman and Alan Leslie, Monksilver Nursery, U.K., with large pale pink flowers.
zone 4-9 Sp. 18-24x18" $8.00
Geranium maculatum 'Album'
White-flowered form.
zone 5 Sp. 15x20" $8.00
Geranium maculatum 'Beth Chatto' (formerly Geranium maculatum 'Chatto')
Light pink, largish flowers.
zone 4-9 Sp. 18x18" $8.00
Geranium maculatum 'Elizabeth Ann'
" (PP 11,252) A stunning selection from a garden in Maryland and named for the owner's niece. Rich brown leaves with green midribs, and lilac-pink flowers.
zone 4-9 Sp. 18x18" $10.00
Geranium maculatum 'Espresso'
Dark brown leaves and light pink flowers with a small white eye.
zone 4-9 Sp. 18x18" $9.00
Geranium maculatum 'Heronswood Gold'
A selection from Dan Hinkley, Heronswood Nursery, WA. Gold leaves that hold their color well through the season; Lavender pink flowers. NO PLANTS AVAILABLE UNTIL 2022.
zone 4-9 Sp. 15x15" $10.00 Very slow growing.
Geranium maculatum 'Purpureum'
(E. USA) A selection with broadly lobed, mid green leaves and deep, blue-pink flowers.
zone 4-9 Sp. 15x20" $8.00
Geranium maculatum 'Sweetwater'
(E. USA) Selection from the former Sweetwater Nursery in Richmond, CA. Shiny, mid green, broadly lobed leaves; light violet-pink flowers with cream centers.
zone 4-9 Sp. 18x18" $8.00
Geranium maculatum 'Vickie Lynn'
Raised by Baltensberger/Friedich, 1995. Flowers lavender pink with a light center, slightly larger than the species. Good autumn color in cool climates.
zone 4-9 Sp. 12x24" $8.00
Geranium maderense
(Madeira) Biennial or short-lived perennial; enormous, beautifully divided, green leaves; hundreds of luminous rose-pink flowers on a bouquet-like inflorescence; the plant dies after flowering but self seeds.
zone 8B-10 (cold sensitive below 25F) Sp. 48-60x36-48" $8.00
Geranium maderense 'Guernsey White'
From Ron Vanderhoff in Southern California. An improved form of G. maderense 'Guernsey White' with no pink in the flower. Keep separate from G. maderense to retain white flowers in seedlings. Large divided glossy green leaves, and large bouquet of white flowers in the second or third year. The plant dies after flowering.
zone 8B-10 (cold sensitive below 25F) Sp. 36-40x36" $10.00
Geranium monacense 'Claudine Dupont'
From the nursery of Claudine Dupont, France. A form of G. x monacense with dark green leaves and faint internodal blotches . Reflexed dusky-pink flowers with a grayish-blue ring, which changes to gray at the base of the petals. (S)
zone 4-10 Sp.-Fa. 18x18" $8.00
Geranium monacense 'Muldoon'
Another form, with pronounced maroon inter-nodal leaf blotches; reflexed maroon flowers fading violet towards the base of the petal. (S)
zone 3 Sp.-Fa. 18-24x18" $8.00
Geranium monacense 'Tyre Mist'
Light lavender flowers with deep lavender edges to the petals and dark veins - a white center.
zone 4-10 (Sp.-early Su.) 18 x 20" $8.00
Geranium monacense var. anglicum
Dark-green leaves; reflexed light lavender flowers with a darker pink and blue central ring that fades to white. (S)
zone 4-10 Sp.-Fa. 18-24x24" $8.00
Geranium nodosum
From Elizabeth Strangman. Dark pink flowers with maroon overtones.
zone 5-9 Su. 10x20" $8.00
Geranium nodosum 'Clos du Coudray'
Named for a garden in northern France. The flowers have dark pink petals, stained purple at the base, with white edges and purple veins.
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. $8.00
Geranium nodosum 'Jenny'
A larger-flowered form of G. nodosum 'Svelte Lilac'. Its pale lilac flowers have purple veins and are 1.2" in diameter.
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 15x20" $8.00
Geranium nodosum 'Silverwood'
A pure white and more compact form of Geranium nodosum, with shiny three lobed leaves. UNAVAILABLE UNTIL LATE FALL.
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 10-12x20" $8.00
Geranium nodosum' Svelte Lilac'
From Monksilver Nursery, U.K. Light green, softly lobed leaves; lilac flowers with pale eye and dark veins.
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 10-12x20" $8.00
Geranium nodosum 'Swish Purple'
Deep purple funnel shaped flowers with red veins fade paler to the center. over shiny three-lobed leaves. Flower and leaf stems present a wiry appearance.
zone 5-9 10x15" $8.00
Geranium nodosum 'Whiteleaf'
A selection from Lionel Bacon, U.K. Deep green leaves; lavender flowers with magenta blotches, and pale edges to petals.
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 12x20" $8.00
Geranium oreganum
(Montana, Colo.) Gray-green leaves with divided lobes; deep rose-pink flowers.
zone 6 possibly lower Su. 15x24" $8.00
Geranium palmatum
(Madeira) Biennial; strikingly shiny, bold green leaves; mid pink flowers fading magenta to center, purple glandular hairs on the flowering stems. Seeds prolifically, but easy to remove. SOLD OUT UNTIL SPRING, 2021.
zone 9 Sp.-Su. 36x40" $8.00
Geranium phaeum
(mtns. of S. and Central Eur.) Mid green leaves with strong internodal blotches; deep maroon to dark brown flowers with a whitish base. (S)
zone 4-9 Sp.-Fa. 12-36x18-36" $8.00
Geranium phaeum
Another form of Geranium phaeum with large lavender flowers.
zone 3-9 Sp. - Early Su. 18 x 20" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Advendo'
Mid-green leaves; large flower of reddish lilac. (S)
zone 4-9 Sp.-Fa. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Album'
Mid green leaves; white flowers. (S)
zone 4-9 Sp.-Fa. 24x36" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'All Saints'
A form selected by Margaret Nimmo-Smith. Mid green leaves; pale, lavender-pink flowers. (S)
zone 4-9 Sp.-Fa. 18x20" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Ann Claire'
Variegated leaves; light purple flowers with a dark purple central ring.
zone 3 - 9 Sp. - Early Su. 18" x 18" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Ann Logan'
Flowers lavender blue with very pale edges to the petals, black veins.
zone 3 - 9 Spring - Early Summer 18 x 18" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Blue Shadow'
Amethyst colored flowers which become bluish in shade. From The Plantsmans Preference, UK.
zone 4-9 Sp - Su 18-24x18-24" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Calligrapher'
From Axletree Nursery and Mallorn Gardens, U.K. Mid green leaves with small, dark brown internodal blotches; flowers have ruffled petals of bluish-purple, fading pale to the center, with violet veins. (S) SOLD OUT UNTIL 2021
zone 4-9 Sp.-Fa. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Chocolate Chip'
The darkest G. phaeum of all; our own selection; flowers dark brown-maroon, verging on dark chocolate. (S)
zone 4-9 Sp.-Fa. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'David's Dream'
G. 'phaeum 'David's Dream' Has not yet flowered
zone 4-9 Sp.-Su. 18x18 $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Gillian Perrin'
Pale lilac flowers. (S)
zone 4-9 Sp. 18x20" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Golden Spring'
Leaves are yellow in the early spring, and green in the summer. Flowers are red-brown.
zone 4-9 (Sp.-Su.) 20x30" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Green Ghost'
Mid green leaves, flowers with a lavender pink outer ring, greyish white center.
zone 4-9 (Sp-Su.) 18-18" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Lady in Mourning' (formerly 'Mourning Widow')
Flowers deep maroon; maroon flowering stems. (S)
zone 4-9 Sp.-Fa. 12x15" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Langthorn's Blue'
Mid green leaves and pale violet-blue flowers becoming even paler in the center. (S) SOLD OUT UNTIL 2021.
zone 4-9 Sp.-Fa. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Lily Lovell'
From Trevor Bath, U.K., and named for his mother. Flowers dark blue-maroon with a slight mauve tone and a white eye. (S)
zone 4-9 Sp.-Fa. 15-18x24" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Little Boy'
From Jay Boterdael, Belgium, 1991. A diminutive form of G. phaeum with rich maroon brown flowers with yellow anthers. The leaves are all green.
zone 4-9 Sp.-Su. 10x12" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Margaret Wilson'
This marvelously colored yellow, green and white leaf geranium with lavender flowers in the spring, does best in light shade. Full sun will burn the leaves. It's more compact than other G. phaeum choices, stays neat and tidy, is cold resistant and does not seed around.
zone 4-9 Sp.-Early Su. 12 x 18" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Merry Widow'
Large pale lilac flowers with a blueish purple ring near the base, and purple veins bleeding into the pale, ruffled petals.
zone 4-9 ? 12x18" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Mierhausen'
A selection with small dark brown internodal blotches on the leaves. Flowers are pale lilac. (S)
zone 4-9 Sp.-Fa. 20x30" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Mrs. Withey Price'
From Jerry Flintoff and named for Glenn Withey and Charles Price, Seattle. Wonderful yellow-green flush to new leaves which change to mid green as they mature, with small red internodal blotches; flowers reflexed, mid lilac with a mauve ring and a white center. (S) SOLD OUT UNTIL 2021
zone 4-9 Sp.-Fa 15x18" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Rachel's Rhapsody'
A strange mosaic-like variegation of yellow, green, a little red, and very pale cream on leaves that are somewhat distorted. Flowers are light maroon.
zone 4-9 18x24" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Raven'
From Rainforest Gardens, Maple Ridge, British Colombia. Seedling selection of G. phaeum 'Lily Lovell'. Leaves mid green and unblotched; purple-brown flowers; compact plant. (S)
zone 4-9 Sp.-Fa. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Robin's Choice'
(Mia Esser, Holland) Lavender and white flowers with ruffled petals that are almost fringed. (Form C) (S)
zone 4-9 Sp. 18x20" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Samobor'
(Croatia) Selected by Elizabeth Strangman, U.K. Leaves heavily banded with dark brown; light maroon flowers. (S)
zone 4-9 Sp.-Fa. 15x20" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Springtime'
(PP13,785) "Very attractive white-marbled foliage which later develops a ring of red blotches and continues to look good after flowering." Mid reddish-brown flowers. From Darwin Plants. (S)
zone 4-9 Sp. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Tricia'
Very dark chocolate colored flowers. Leaves are unblotched. (S)
zone 4-9 Sp.,Fa. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium phaeum var. lividum
Flowers are lilac with a blue flush. (S)
zone 4-9 Sp.-Fa. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium phaeum var. lividum 'Joan Baker'
Large light pink flowers. (S)
zone 2-3 Sp.-Fa. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium phaeum var. lividum 'Majus'
Tall plant, large leaves; flowers large, lilac with a purple tone.(S) UNAVAILABLE UNTIL FALL 2020.
zone 4-9 Sp.-Fa. 24x36" $8.00
Geranium phaeum var. lividum 'Mixbury Ghost'
Medium sized plant, flowers grey-white with a little pink (S)
zone 4-9 Sp., Fa. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium phaeum var. lividum 'Rose Air'
Mid green leaves are unblotched; flowers pale lilac-pink. (S)
zone 4-9 Sp. 18x20" $8.00
Geranium phaeum var. lividum 'Rose Madder'
Introduced by Trevor Bath, United Kingdom, around 1986. Mid green leaves; flowers are reddish-pink and a most unusual color for this species. (S) SOLD OUT UNTIL 2021
zone 4-9 Sp.-Fa. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium phaeum var. lividum 'Stillingfleet Ghost'
Unblotched mid green leaves; moonbeam-gray flowers. (S)
zone 4-9 Sp.-Fa. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium phaeum 'Walkure'
Pale lavender blue flowers with a light grey-blue ring near the base and a pale center. Leaves are light green and unmarked. (S)
zone 4-9 Sp.-Fa. 20x24" $8.00
Geranium pyrenaicum
(S.W. Eur. east to Cauc.) Small, abundant, lavender flowers with deeply notched petals over rounded, scalloped, mid green leaves. Seeds vigorously. (S)
zone 7-10 Sp.-Su. 15x24" $8.00
Geranium pyrenaicum 'Bill Wallis'
Strongly colored purple flowers; flowering stems colored dark red. (S)
zone 4 Sp.-Su. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium pyrenaicum f. albiflorum
Collected in Switzerland by Bill Baker. White flowers; seeds vigorously. (S)
zone 7-10 Sp.-Su. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium pyrenaicum 'Isparta'
Large vigorous plant; large mid green leaves and large flowers that are pale blue-pink with a white eye. (S)
zone 7-10 Sp.-Su 20x24" $8.00
Geranium pyrenaicum 'Summer Snow'
A seed variety from Plant World Seeds, United Kingdom, with slightly larger white flowers than G. pyrenaicum f. albiflorum.
zone 7-10 Sp.-Su. 18x24" $8.00 .
Geranium rectum
(Central Asia, Turkestan, N.W. Himalayas) Shallowly lobed, mid green leaves, flowers rose-pink with a light eye and crimson veins. (S)
zone 5-9 Su.-Fa. 20x20" $8.00
Geranium reflexum
(Italy and Balkans) Similar to G. phaeum, with smaller, more reflexed petals, dark rose-pink flowers with a white base and blue band; leaves with brown blotches at nodes. (S)
zone 4-10 Sp. 18x20" $8.00
Geranium reuteri (formerly Geranium canariense)
(Canary Is.) A biennial or short-lived perennial. Handsome, shiny-green, sculptural leaves; pale pink to light magenta flowers; flower stems covered with magenta glandular hairs. Self-seeds in a manageable way.
zone 9-10 Sp.-Su. 36x36-40" $8.00
Geranium richardsonii
(W. USA) Dark green, broadly lobed and toothed foliage; pale pink to white flowers.
zone 4-9 Sp. 24-30x20" $8.00
Geranium sylvaticum
(Iceland, Sib., N. Eur.) Mid green foliage; purple violet, pink or white flowers.
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 24x30" $8.00
Geranium sylvaticum 'Album'
White flowers with translucent veins.

zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 20x24" $8.00
Geranium sylvaticum 'Amanda'
Flowers are deep rosy pink. UNAVAILABLE 2020
zone 5-9 24x24" $8.00
Geranium sylvaticum 'Amy Doncaster'
Deep violet-blue flowers with a white eyes. We do have plenty of G. sylvaticum 'Mayflower'. UNAVAILABLE IN 2018
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 20x24" $8.00
Geranium sylvaticum 'Angulatum'
Large flowers of pale pink with prominently veined petals.
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 24-30x24" $8.00
Geranium sylvaticum 'Bakers Pink'
Vigorous plant with large leaves and large flowers of pale pink with light veins.
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 36-40x24" $8.00
Geranium sylvaticum 'Immaculee'
A good form of G. sylvaticum with large white flowers.
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 20x24" $8.00
Geranium sylvaticum 'Mayflower'
Raised by Alan Bloom, Bressingham Gardens, UK, and introduced in 1973. It grows blue-lilac flowers with small white centers.
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 20x24" $8.00
Geranium sylvaticum 'Meran' (formerly 'Moran')
Found in Italy by Heinz Klose of Germany in 1968, and named for the northern Italian town of Merano. Lavender flowers.
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 24-30x24" $8.00
Geranium sylvaticum 'Nikita'
A seedling selection from Heronswood Nursery, Washington. Mid bluish-pink flowers with white centers.
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 24x24 $8.00
Geranium sylvaticum ssp. rivulare 'Wanneri'
Mid green, toothed leaves; flowers with pale pink petals and bright rose veins.
zone 5-9 Sp.-Su. 18x18" $8.00
Geranium versicolor
(Italy, Balkans, Greece) Hairy leaves of pale green with strong internodal blotches; small, strikingly rose-penciled, white flowers with notched petals.
zone 5-10 Sp.-Su. 18x24" $8.00
Geranium versicolor 'Snow White'
also known as G. versicolor 'White Lady'. Pale green leaves with strong maroon internodal blotches; unveined white flowers with notched petals.
zone 5-10 Su. 15x18" $8.00
Geranium x monacense 'George Stone'
Leaves green becoming wine red towards the center. Wine red flowers.
zone 4-9 (Sp.-Su.) 18x18" $8.00
Geranium phaeum var. lividum 'Lavender Pinwheel'
A selection of G. phaeum var. lividum with internodal blotches on the leaves, and flowers that have the appearance of a watercolor, with light purple bleeding from a thin purple line near the base of the petals and a pale lavender center. The petals have a purple edge
zone 4-9 Sp.-Fa. 18 x 24" $8.00
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Highlighted Plant

Pelargonium 'Splendide'

Photo by Donn C. Reiners

A scandent shrub with gray hairy pinnate leaves and flowers that have red upper petals slightly streaked with white, pure white lower petals and an almost black central blotch. 'Splendide' is best grown in a greenhouse or conservatory, but can be grown outside if protected from rain and temperatures below 40 degrees F. Prune carefully and water sparingly. It is a glorious sight when in full flower. 24" wide x 12" high.

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