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Pelargoniums Fancy Leaf

The brilliantly colored leaves of these zonal pelargoniums provided "bedding-out" color in 19th public gardens and have been the delight of collectors ever since. There are some quite old varieties still in existence but it has been a cause for concern that only a very few are still sold in nurseries. We would like individuals and garden clubs to grow these beautiful plants so we might preserve them through this century.
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Picture Name Zone Season Size Price  
Taylor, UK 1975 Syn. 'Golden Harry Hieover' c. 1873 (Spalding) Yellow green leaf with a dark zone. scarlet flowers.
'Frank Headley'
Headley, UK, 1957. Green leaves with an irregular cream border, "dawn pink" flowers and compact form. Our plants are regular size zonals.
'Greengold Kleine Leibling'
Miller, USA, before 1964. Yellow-green leaves with an irregular green blotch in the center. Flowers are rose with white centers. Compact.
Grosser Garten
Shady Hill, USA, 1980. Brownish green leaves with a dark brown zone, salmon pink single flowers.
'Happy Thought'
Lynes, UK, 1873. Leaves are "spinach green" with an irregular central butterfly blotch. the flowers are cherry red and single.
'Lass O'Gowrie'
1970. Mid green leaves with a center horseshoe ring of brown and white edges. The flowers are single orange-red. SOLD OUT UNTIL SEPTEMBER.
'Mint Julep'
Green leaves with an irregularly zoned large white edge. Flowers are red and single.
'Occold Shield'
1984. Golden leaves with a dark central blotch. Flowers are orange-red. It is supposed to be a dwarf. It isn't!
Pelargonium cordifolium 'Carolyn's Citrine'
'Carolyn's Citrine' was discovered by Lance Reiners of Santa Cruz, California and named for his father Donn's wife, Carolyn. It is very dramatic pelargonium with bright yellow cordate (heart shaped) leaves with a variable mid green central blotch and bright lavender pink flowers with a network of reddish purple veins on the two large upper petals. The three lower petals are narrow and unmarked. It grows up to three to five feet high and wide, but can be kept smaller with judicious pruning. It should be grown in temperatures above 32 degrees F. It is patented and propagation is restricted to licensed propagators. SOLD OUT UNTIL SEPTEMBER, 2022
zone Zone 9B and above - outside Spring and Summer 3-5' high and wide $12.00
Pelargonium 'Crystal Palace Gem'
Grieve, U.K. 1968. Sport from P. 'Lady Middleton'. The flowers are rosy, scarlet carmine. Leaves yellow-green with a dark green butterfly blotch in the center. SOLD OUT UNTIL AUGUST, 2022
Pelargonium 'Mr. Henry Cox'
Cannell, U.K. 1879. "Salmon pink single flowers. Leaves are green, yellow, scarlet, crimson and copper. Rounded lobes. WE ARE SOLD OUT AGAIN. WE HOPE TO HAVE MORE AT THE END OF MAY, 2022. WHY NOT TRY MRS POLLOCK??
Pelargonium 'Mrs. J.C. Mappin'
Clusters of single white flowers with a zone of reddish veins near the base and red flower stalks. Broad, rounded grey-green and green leaves with an irregular cream ring around the edge.
zone 9-10 Sp.-Su. 12x12" $6.00
Pelargonium 'Mrs. Pollock'
Grieve, UK 1858. 'Emperor of the French' x P. 'Gold Pheasant'. Large rich reddish brown zone on green leaves with a margin of golden-yellow; leaves have sharper lobes than Mr. Henry Cox' The double flowers are red-orange.
Pelargonium 'Mrs. Quilter'
Laing, UK 1860 Small pink flowers. "Bronze foliage with a prominent chestnut zone." SOLD OUT UNTIL AUGUST, 2023
Pelargonium 'Warrain'
(Georyl, Australia, 1989). Light green leaves with a dark green central blotch and dark green veins. PLEASE DON'T ASK FOR IT UNTIL 2023.
Pelargonium 'Wilhelm Languth'
Probably German origin, late 19th century. Red flowers, green leaves edged in a wide border of cream. Tall and vigorous.
'Persian Queen'
Pale yellow-green leaves and shocking pink flowers with a glowing reddish center.
Clifton, UK, 1972. Leaves green with a white edge' flowers rose pink.
Pelargonium'Flower of Spring'
Turner, UK 1860 Leaves zoned grey with a broad white margin. Flowers rose tinted scarlet. Very small numbers in stock.
'Pink Happy Thought'
Supposed to have been introduced in Southern California - date unknown. Leaves are dark green with a gold central butterfly blotch. Flowers are pink. It's difficult to propagate and we don't have very many this year. AVAILABLE AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2022.
'Stadt Bern'
Fischer, Germany, 1973. Scarlet-red flowers on very dark foliage. The original description says the petals are very narrow, but these appear to be like a normal single zonal.
'The Boar'
It was apparently found on Tresco, Scilly Isles, and first described in 1951. It has dark green leaves with a large dark blotch covering at least 2/3 of the leaf. The flowers are pale pink.
'Vancouver Centennial'
Gillam, Canada, 1986. A Stellar with gold leaves covered almost completely with a brown zone. Flowers are orange-red and star shaped.
'Warrennorth Emerald'
Provenance unknown. Green center zone with irregular brown blotches on the outer margin, an orange red zone, followed by a yellow zone. Slow growing. THIS PLANT, BEAUTIFUL THOUGH IT IS, HAS PRODUCED NO CUTTING MATERIAL IN THE LAST YEAR. WE'LL PAMPER IT THIS YEAR AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. PLEASE DON'T ORDER UNTIL WE LEAVE A NOTE HERE.
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Highlighted Plant

Pelargonium 'Splendide'

Photo by Donn C. Reiners

A scandent shrub with gray hairy pinnate leaves and flowers that have red upper petals slightly streaked with white, pure white lower petals and an almost black central blotch. 'Splendide' is best grown in a greenhouse or conservatory, but can be grown outside if protected from rain and temperatures below 40 degrees F. Prune carefully and water sparingly. It is a glorious sight when in full flower. 24" wide x 12" high.

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