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Rosebud Pelargoniums
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Pelargonium 'Alliance'
This plant does not appear in the International Register of Pelargonium Cultivars, but it is a zonal and has the rosebud form. The flowers are the very palest pink of all the rosebuds.
Pelargonium 'Appleblossom Rosebud'
A Zonal Pelargonium with tight white rosebud flowers that are highlighted in a warm pink on the outer edges.
Pelargonium 'Cook's Rosebud'
From Waldo Cook, Kansas. Date unknown. Rich red rosebuds in a tight cluster. Small, zonal type leaves that become darker in strong light. WE HAVE SOLD OUT UNTIL THE END OF SUMMER, 2021.
Pelargonium 'Grainger's Rosebud'
A rosebud type zonal, with clusters of warm pink flowers. The darkest pink of the pink rosebuds. WE HAVE SOLD OUT UNTIL SUMMER 2021.
Pelargonium 'Lara Gem'
A rosebud-type pelargonium with pale light pink rosebud shaped flowers. It is an ivy-zonal hybrid.
Pelargonium 'Orange Rosebud'
Given to me by Claire Lunt. There is no information about it in the International Register of Pelargonium Cultivars, please communicate with Geraniaceae if you know about its origin.
Pelargonium 'Pink Rosebud'
Washbrooke, UK, 1983. Luscious pale pink rosebud pelargonium. Also known as 'Noele Gordon'.
Pelargonium 'Rosebud Supreme'
It is described in the international Register of Pelargonium Cultivars as being first described in the Morden catalog, U.K., 1974. It is a scarlet rosebud pelargonium with pale reverses to the petals. It is supposed to be a dwarf, although our nursery plants seem to be the same size as the other rosebud pelargoniums.
Pelargonium 'Sister Henry'
Sandy Connerley and Jean Hausermann have come up with a list of 21 rosebud-type pelargoniums. of which Geraniaceae has 8. 'Sister Henry' has very loose clusters of dark pink rosebuds. SOLD OUT UNTIL THE END OF SUMMER 2021.
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Highlighted Plant

Geranium phaeum 'Margaret Wilson'

Photo by Donn C. Reiners

This charming geranium for light shade comes originally from the UK where it was first introduced in 1989. It has pale green and very light creamy-yellow veined and splashed leaves and mid lavender flowers with a white eye. It forms a low mound about 12 x 18" when mature. It is very useful under shrubs and trees in the garden where it produced little splashes of artificial sunshine. It is cold hardy from USDA Zone 4-5 up to Zone 9.

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