Angel and Pansy-Face

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About Angel and Pansy-Face

Although the original pansy-face and angel pelargoniums date from the late 19th century and early to mid twentieth century respectively, many beautiful hybrids have been introduced over the last 15 years.

The following list includes plants from Europe, Great Britain, the U.S, Canada and Australia. We are particularly indebted to Jay Kapac, a pelargonium breeder from Southern California. He continues to produce exceptional plants in a range of unusual leaf shapes and flower colors. These include Pelargonium 'Arcturus, 'Bernice Ladroot', P. 'Maria Garcia' , 'Romona Camulos', P. 'Shannon', P. 'Shanti' and others. Culture in all cases is similar to the pansy-face and angels.

Plants grow to around 15-24" in height, flower from mid spring to fall in climates with cool nights, and are very well suited to pots and window boxes. Protection from hot summer sun in areas with high summer temperatures may be necessary. Note that the amount of light received by plants makes a big difference to plant size. Light bright conditions will make more compact and floriferous plants. Deadheading is necessary to prolong flowering, and light pruning may be done at the same time. But the shrubs basically remain compact under the right conditions. They need to be protected against temperatures in the 30's F., and below, and excessive winter rain when they are not in active growth.